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  1. Stephenson, best hall, quite a few mature students.
  2. DUDU, biggest cause of war? Have you heard of religion? racism? Perhaps a chap called Hitler?
  3. There is a massive effort to cull mink but it is extremely difficult and can take a couple of gamekeepers with traps up to two weeks to get an individual. They are here as they were bred for fur before being released and thriving in the UK where they have essentially no predators and abundant food. They are vicious little buggers.
  4. Not sure what you are looking for, if you just want to train then what is wrong with any gym?
  5. Personally I would prefer a lake! Much better than having a load of chavs shouting and playing football virtually in my back garden! I looked into buying one of the new townhouses, but there is no way I would want to live that close to the sportsground. When my rent contract here runs out I'm off!
  6. Been a few dodgy characters lurking around my street after dark in Crookes. Made a point yesterday of asking a guy who seemed awfully interested in my car if he needed directions. Apparently not as he soon disappeared, a couple of others at the end of the street drinking Special Brew, my GF only lives 100yards away but now I feel like I can't let her walk it alone.
  7. Do you mean the new pitches being constructed at the new housing development? The ground seems to spend most of it's time underwater, unless they sort the drainage there won't be any sport played on it!
  8. Carl, don't be a to**er. If it was your kid you would probably do something similar if you couldn't afford the wheelchair. Although if he was yours he would still only be one single kid so perhaps you wouldn't bother
  9. I've lived in S10 for 4 years, it's one of the most expensive (property) areas in Sheffield. It's mostly students and professionals (in Broomhill and Crookes anyway) and is a very safe area.
  10. What bad luck! I recently saw a man knocked off his motorbike, I stopped and looked after him until an ambulance came, there were lots of people stopping to see what they could do. Where did this happen?
  11. My car has a clever feature that automatically locks the doors once you get to 10mph, means I don't even have to think about it. Maybe something manufacturers should make standard.
  12. When possible if I have to do a long drive I do it at night - so much less traffic that you can actually predict how long it will take. There's nothing overly difficult about it, and after all it's beginning to get dark pretty early now so you will have to get used to it!
  13. Bit of a lottery really, I do that journey quite often and if I were you I would go earlier, if possible. Good luck!
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