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  1. yes ive been there a few times fantastic and cheap
  2. Cheers, haven't got another pc in house so I'll have to wait. Thanks anyway
  3. Can anyone help? I seem to have a spyware programme on my laptop called the antimalware doctor. It has blocked me from accessing Internet so can't download any removal tools. I have searched (via iPhone) for manual removal but tbh, i don't understand! I know I have to delete some files, but don't have a clue how to do it! Can anyone give me the idiots step by step guide? TIA
  4. Bakewell used to have a small paddling pool. Also think there is outdoor pool at Hathersage (I think). Millhouses Park are building a 'Splash Park'. Dont know if its open yet, hence my thread!
  5. Does anyone know if the new splash park at Millhouses open yet? Thanks
  6. hi all thanks for replys i have used my local st james church hall £20 n hour sounds good to me
  7. Matalan n asda but supose ur gone by now
  8. no i have'nt ill try ring i had problems in the past getting hold of them on phone
  9. who is the blonde dude who walks down the a57 everyday come rain or snow?? and why? whats the story ?
  10. hi all i am looking for a hall or a function room near or in s13 i want there to be enough space to let them have a dance and aslo set up some activity tables n play party games etc i want to bring in my own catering anyone help please its getting a bit late
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