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  1. The Beeroff on the hillside was Allotts
  2. HI George Barry lived at the first house with the front facing the road
  3. So sorry to hear about Steve we were in the same class through school and hung around together while at school. RIP Steve God Bless
  4. Sorry to hear about Steve RIP Sheema
  5. My grandfather used to collect the scrap in the 40's when the Testing Works were on Blonk Street then my father collected it from the 50's untill he retired in the early 80's, I believe he used to deal with Mr Goodison but can't remember what position he held.
  6. The shop at the bottom of Belhouse road was Friedrich's pork butchers they also had a shop in the Wicker, best roast pork sandwiches ever.
  7. George, Mrs Loukes ran the shop when her husband was alive then after his death Doris Lawton took it on Doris lived in the first house going up to the farm then Hilda ran it.
  8. There was on at the junction of Barrow Rd and Holywell Rd used to be Ross Garages Haulage in the 60's before it was took over by Humber Wharehousing.
  9. I used to go upstairs to the ice rink but I believe you know me you mentioned my name on Grimesthorpe boys club after seeing a photo please send me a pm
  10. Paul Mason was your nick name Mazda if so send me a PM
  11. Nathen Splitlip how about a contact e-mail, phone number ,owt, lets get back in touch my web site is still the same but not tel number I am in the UK now.Take care.
  12. Hi Steve, I think the last time I saw spot was in the Cavendish in the early 70's, I too am glad he's still alive.
  13. Hi Alligin you do have the right person,I'm flattered that you came all this way to see me! I'm sorry I wasn't at the office when you called however the person you were talking to was Dova he did mention that someone from England had come to see me but he had'nt got your name I think it was in July or around that time. I think the next time you'll see me will be in England we are comimg back next month. I believe your in Ecclesfield I lived on Cross Hill from being 11.
  14. Hi Terry see if this rings any bells, I was in a year lower than you but went out with a girl in your class she was very popular her name was Joan Curtis.
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