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  1. Hi, I am looking at re homing 2 guinea pigs (I Don t want to buy them from a pet shop) so I Don t know if someone could recommend a good breeder or knows someone who d like to rehome their guinea pigs.I m open to any age or breed but sorry no red eyes... I can t:-) I also need to get all the equipment: cage, bottle, bowls... I ll consider any offer :-)
  2. Hi, We are a host family for a friendly French au pair in South Anston. She's just arrived and would like to meet other au pairs or young people to socialise with. PM if that is you and we can pass on your details Thanks
  3. Hi, We have an au pair who is looking to meet/socialise with other au pairs in Sheffield on evenings/weekends. If anyone would like to feel free to reply or pm. Thanks
  4. Hi, We have an Au Pair coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks, and to help her settle in we wanted to know if there are any other Au Pairs currently in the S25 area. She's Finnish and speaks fluent English Finnish and Swedish. Thanks
  5. As no ones answered I'll have a bash. Is it a traditional goatskin djembe or a modern one? I have a goatskin one from Senegal and I assume that would be tuned by adjusting the ropes on the side. As for a modern one, you'd best be taking it to a music shop I suppose. Thanks
  6. Yes - speed is the only factor involved in accidents. If I crash at 69 MPH on the motorway and kill someone, well it doesn't matter does it because I was below the speed limit.
  7. Didn't hear your bit on the radio Zebra but heard the Surestart fellow. He did get a bit ratty when Antonia said she found it all annoying, didn't he?
  8. That's not an SLR at all - SLR styled maybe but it can be described as a 'bridge' camera.
  9. Actually, at the time I wasn't angry at all, just very amazed at what this driver did.
  10. I drove around Hyde Park Corner in London once and it was like wacky races, every man for himself, not a nice experience.
  11. If you were the blue astra who was on Arundel Street last night around 3:30pm and thought you could bully me into going on the pavement, think again. It was my right of way for starters. Secondly you made no attempt to pull over to the side when you could have. Thirdly, there was a stream of cars behind me, should we all pull onto the pavement so your wide head and large ego could fit down the street? Maybe it was because I have a small car - would you have been so cocky if I was in a Dodge Ram?
  12. I was told if you ate chewing gum it would explode in your stomach:o Also, if you ate peanuts with their shells on wood grows around your heart.
  13. Oddly enough I'll be looking to replace the fascias and soffits on my house - why is uPCV a bad idea? garryn: My house has nice uPCV fascias already but they are concealing old wood underneath. The previous owners thought a bodge cover up job would be the better option.
  14. Found this from http://www.autobits.co.uk Vauxhall CORSA MK1 1.7 D radiator 1699cc manual from Jan 1996 to 09/00 £91.07 Hope that helps
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