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  1. Clifton Park, Rotherham - Fireworks, Bonfire and Farrar's Funfair - Tuesday 4th November. Free admission. Funfair open from 5.30, bonfire lit 6.30, children's fireworks 7pm, main firework display 7.45.
  2. Today and Frid from 5.30, Sat from 1.30.
  3. Details of a new City Centre Halloween event are in today's Star - Out of this World.
  4. This year's event is on Saturday 27th Sept. from 12pm. ---------- Post added 22-09-2014 at 16:57 ---------- should say from 1.
  5. Staff celebration @ John Lewis celebrating 150 years.
  6. Full details yet to be confirmed, but an alternative will be held, organised by a different company. Watch this space!
  7. Just been informed by a reliable source that it was announced yesterday that Smithywood WMC is to close within the next few weeks. Another one bites the dust!
  8. Farrar's Big Bash Funfair will be at Bowshaw roundabout from 18- 21 September, closed Mon, Tues, Wed and will reopen from thurs 25 to Sat 27. Open daily from 5.30 weekdays, 1.30 weekends. All rides £1.50 per person except Dodgems £2 per car and Freak Out £2 per person. Sheffield's last fair of the year.
  9. Noticed all the windows have been whitened out and the shop looks empty. This is the 99p shop near Argos, has it closed down?, or it is been re-furbished. Only saw this from the distance going past on the bus, noticed some notices up, but was too far away to read them.
  10. try Sismans in the Wicker.They sell most 'hard to get' bulbs and fittings etc..
  11. On my third Vauxhall now from Pentagon, never had any problems, always helpful and a good service.
  12. Keep up the good work Bassett One, this must be the best free to enter show in the Sheffield area. I do not know you but I can tell by your comments on here that you are passionate about this event.
  13. Same as previous years, but Farrar's own other rides as well. ---------- Post added 11-08-2014 at 10:15 ---------- It has just been confirmed the fair will go ahead, open daily from 1pm, Wed 13th to Sunday 17th.
  14. It is scheduled to run from Aug 13 -17 but with all the rain it may get postponed.
  15. Hope the weather forecast is wrong for Sunday, heavy rain most of the day.
  16. sorry, should be 1-5, 4 -8 weekdays, Sunday's 1-5.30
  17. 1-5, 4-8 daily £7.99 for unlimited rides
  18. Sheffield by the Seaside is on again in the Peace Gardens from July 31st.
  19. I only bought 4 items but needed the receipt to put them through my books for my business.
  20. Bought a few bits in Poundland ( Old TJ Hughes) today, paid and was checking the receipt was in the bag as they were business related and no receipt. The assistant said I did not think you wanted one and had thrown it in the bin. There were loads in the bin and she could not find it, so after calling a manager by which time a queue had built up, a duplicate was issued. She said they throw them all in the bin, so what if I had been stopped on my way out, how could I prove that I had paid. A strange way to operate a retail business.
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