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  1. Anyone seen all the bright hanging lights outside the house on City Road and the welcome sign? Just wondered what is all about.
  2. I used to help the carpet man unload his van, his name was John and a lady who I think was his aunty used to come with him. They came from the Leeds area each Saturday and sometimes on a tue or wed evening.
  3. Farrar's Funfair are at Hillsborough Park from April 16-20.
  4. The nearest at the moment is at Doncaster Dome car parks. There should be one at Hillsborough Park in the next few weeks. ---------- Post added 08-04-2015 at 18:58 ---------- Farrar's Funfair will be visiting Hillsborough Park from 16 - 20 April.
  5. Check there are no hidden water pipes, a friend of mine did this the other week and drilled straight into a water pipe.
  6. It does not start until Wed at Millmoor. Normally it runs about 2 hours.
  7. They used to have this type of event in Norfolk Park in the 1970's, think the Scouts organised it.
  8. Change Alley?, no longer there, my late Grandma worked there in the late 1950's, early 1960's.
  9. Planet Circus is at Rotherham from 25th Feb, Millmoor football ground.
  10. The Arbourthorne Hotel closed last week and is due to be demolished soon.
  11. The arcade is Lawrence Appleton's Stardust Arcade, it is members of this family who operate this bar that was at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland last year. There is a picture of it in both styles on allthefunofthefair web site under arcades. The pumps etc are probably hired and the drinks will be purchased when required. Not sure what happens to the surplus.
  12. Its at Crookes selling show shovels, have you not seen it? Actually it is owned and operated by a well known Eastern Counties based fairground family and will be used as an amusement arcade on the travelling fairground circuit until it is converted into a Sleigh Bar again if required.
  13. Went in last night since it has just been refurbished. Very nice and the place was heaving, hardly any spare seats. Nice to know some pubs are still doing ok.
  14. shop at corner of Granville Road / City Rd open 11 till late.
  15. It has closed down, according to the City Centre Facebook page due to unforeseen circumstances.
  16. Free parking after 2pm on council car parks , 3 Sat's in December.
  17. I know a few of the people on various stalls and rides and they all commented that they were disappointed with the turn out. Perhaps 4.30 was too early for the main attractions to finish as in the past fright night went on later. Also there did not seem as many people who made the effort to dress up.
  18. What do people think?, is the new event as good as Fright Night, better, worse?
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