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  1. Just drove past football field at top end of St Aidans road (just up from the old captive queen pub) and there are caravans parked on it. Are they travellers who have set up camp or is it people connected with the Sheffield Fayre in Norfolk Park?
  2. Funfair at Queens Park, Chesterfield, funfair at Clifton park, Rotherham, funfair at Sandal Park, Doncaster.
  3. Due to popular demand this event which was due to finish on Aug 26 has been extended until Aug 29.
  4. Farrar's Funfairs are in Hillsborough Park from Wed 19 to Sunday 23. Open daily from 1pm, all big rides except Freak Out and Dodgems £1.50, small rides £1.
  5. Under John Lewis's refund policy, you can order an item on line, inspect / try it at home and if not suitable you can return it free of charge and receive a full refund.
  6. Although there are none on display to look at, John Lewis sell them as well.
  7. The problem with Graves Park is there is a car park but it is not the biggest in the world and is no longer free. Even when nothing is going on in the park, loads of cars park on the nearby grass verges to gain free parking. Sometimes when an event is on they allow you to park in the park itself by the bottom entrance below the animal farm entrance. Not sure if this is the case this time and last time it was about £5 per car anyhow, so people are still going to park wherever they can for free.
  8. Because you have to pay to use the car park.
  9. Also funfair rides open in Sheffield City centre this weekend.
  10. The Bridge Inn at Ford, Ridgeway host's a radio 2 style (Ken Bruce) music quiz every Thursday night. It starts at 10pm and is all wrapped up for 11pm when most people then go home. There are cash prizes and the land lord puts on a free supper.
  11. Owls in the Park is been held in Hillsborough Park, funfair, displays etc.
  12. Got it off their web site as I had heard of this company, but do not know if they are still up and running.
  13. Try Crystal Technology at Chesterfield - 01246 861777
  14. Do they still run the Tuesday night music quiz?
  15. Surprised no one from the job section on here has put in a lower quote!
  16. Glad you all enjoyed it at Lowedges, hope you enjoy it as much on City Road.
  17. John Lewis have some ex display and special buy sofa's at the moment, all with free delivery.
  18. Things have changed since Ebay and Facebook pages where people can sell things without leaving their house. 30 years ago before these I used to sell at car boot sales and anything between 100 & 200 cars would turn up at 5.30 in the morning! Went past one recently and there was only 6 cars present.
  19. Farrar's Funfair are presenting a new fair on Manor Field Park (behind Premier shop) on City Road from 2 to 5 July. Adult rides except Freak Out and Dodgems £1.50, kids rides £1. Open weekdays from 5.30, weekends from 1.30.
  20. Farrar's Funfair's are paying their first ever visit to Greenhill Park, Lowedges from 18 - 21st June. All adult rides except Dodgems and Freakout £1.50, kids rides £1. Open weekdays from 5.30, weekends from 1.30.
  21. Now re-opened, but all the cones and signs have just been dumped on the pavements, wonder how long before they are removed?
  22. All done now, but road is still closed, It said till 8pm on the letter I got.
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