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  1. If anyone remembers John ( Jack) Evans the art teacher, it was in the Star last week he has just passed away aged 84.
  2. someone i know had their car towed away for same reason today at Woodhouse, £140 to recover it>
  3. Ex Handsworth WMC now called Homelea heard today it is due to close for good soon.
  4. music quiz at Bridge Inn Ford 9.30pm.
  5. It was the former Park & Arbourthorne Club a bit higher up that closed. The Manor is still one of Sheffield's thriving clubs.
  6. 200 foot high Star Flyer ride to grace Fargate soon until June as per Star web page.
  7. Noticed all been done out inside, any idea's what it is going to be?
  8. The Sheffield Fayre only started in 2002 not the 1960's although various other events over the years have been held in Norfolk Park now known as Norfolk Heritage Park. 1972 saw Its A knockout held there also there used to be regular car shows, fun fairs, Army displays,cycle races and even The Hungarian Circus and ballet in the Big top have appeared there. The Sheffield show began in the 1960's originally held in Endcliffe Park, then Hillsborough Park and the last ones were held at Graves Park when put on by a private company, not Sheffield Council.
  9. Not surprised, not very well attended for the last few years since the re-enactments were stopped.
  10. Planning permission as per notices on Fargate and on the council website have now been submitted to erect a Star Flyer (a large pole with swings on it) situated on Fargate.
  11. Seen the posters today for the Moscow State Circus, it says the venue is Wednesdayite car park. Not heard it called that before, guess they are referring to the piece of land opposite SWFC.
  12. Sheffield City centre lights are due to be switched on Sunday 22 November, the Xmas market in Fargate begins this Friday and runs until 24 Dec.
  13. There was a funfair for tonight only at Don Valley near Meadowhall for the After Dark Firework event, don't know of any others in the area.
  14. According to figures released today 30,000 people attended. some of my fairground friends told me it was a lot busier than last year but not quite as busy as Fright Night used to be but was a success by holding it just one day instead of two like last year.
  15. Clifton Park , Rotherham are holding their annual Fireworks and Bonfire event on Wednesday 4th November. Also massive family fun fair. Fun Fair open at 5.30pm, bonfire lit 6.30pm, children's firework display 7pm, main fireworks 7.45pm. Free admission.
  16. could be here for a funeral or a wedding.
  17. So are they travellers or people that are staying there while the Sheffield Fayre is on. If it is stall holders etc from the Sheffield Fayre would have thought that there was enough room for them in the park it self and no need to use a local football / playing field.
  18. There was more than 2 this morning, about 20. ---------- Post added 31-08-2015 at 13:15 ---------- Think your event at Lowedges has overtaken this one, well done.
  19. There is a plot on City Road just below Fitzwalter Road that always has a selection of cheaper cars for sale.
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