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  1. Graves Park funfair runs from July 30 to August 7. There are funfair rides in Sheffield City centre today and tomorrow in conjunction with the Tramlines event. Also at Crystal Peaks each Friday during the school holidays there are free children's rides. Sheffield by the Seaside returns next Thursday and Farrar's Funfairs are due to pay their summer visit to Hillsborough Park from 10 - 14 August.

  2. The one with the blue shutters in the row of shops just below Granville Road, has it closed down?, not seen it open for a few weeks. Think it is owned by Sea Fayre who were in the old market, them they moved to Cambridge Street and are now back in the new market. Shame if it has closed for good, they were nice fish & chips.

  3. Went to Hillsborough park on Sunday the weather was lovely but it rained heavily on Saturday so it was like a quagmire, nobody's fault so no complaints about that.

    There was a funfair, great I like a funfair, plenty of food places, very few stalls though. No displays by the military and emergency services or others. It was a bit disappointing[/QUOT

    None of these displays were part of this show unlike the old Sheffield Show, but things advertised for this one did take place, arena events, falconry, vintage cars, buses and scooters, music stage, food stalls, trade stalls, community stalls, Graves park scarecrow making ans a fun fair. I was there and saw all these things but unfortunately heavy rain on the Saturday had left its mark on parts of the ground.

  4. Who ever books this type of event pays a non refundable bond to cover any ground damage. That is why sometimes events of this nature get cancelled at short notice. a few years ago Farrar's Funfair's left a mess at Rotherham as it rained heavy whilst they were there, i know for a fact they paid to put it right ( it was in the Star at the time). I would doubt though that there will be time to put it right before next weekends event which if this heavy rain continues could quite easily get cancelled.

  5. Some people moan about anything. It was free entry show and everything that was advertised was there, classic cars and scooters, arena events, music stage, fun fair, scarecrow making and more. There was plenty of people there yesterday when i went enjoying themselves. Another show next weekend in Hillsborough Park, Hillfest, lets see what people find to moan about this one!. It was never going to or intended to replace the original Sheffield Show if that is what people was expecting. As for £2.50 per ride that is an average price these days, but 1000's of money off vouchers for this fair were distributed all over Sheffield, so rides were cheaper if you used them.

  6. Which one? There are 4 church buildings on the top of lound.


    a) On left heading towards Chapeltown was converted to an office block and was up for sale a while back.


    b) First on right next to road.


    c) Second on right next to road.


    The former vicarage for this one is behind the church, think it was called old mans/manse house. This is an amazing house, the parents of one of my school friends owned this about 30 yr ago. Used to camp in the garden all the time never saw any spookieness.


    d) St Johns Church? 2nd on right further back from road in grave yard. Is this one still in use as a church?



    There was a local rumour that b or c was bought by a reggae star a few years ago to renovate into a home but did not complete the plans.

    It was Eddy Grant wasn't it.

  7. have you seen how many events in such a short time for that park,to my knowledge

    theres a 1 to 2 day swfc event,micheal whitings funfair/cancer day,a blues event,a big

    arts event and the Sheffield show,hope its dry and the ground can take it,it seems a lot of events for 1 area,hope I am wrong but cannot see everyone doing well and what about the poor locals and traffic?,only time will tell


    And 2 visits by Farrar's Funfair also (April & August)

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