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  1. Some of the traders I spoke to were far from happy, about the small turnout when the organisers had suggested over 20,000. People coming out were heard telling people about to go in not to bother.
  2. Some people on here have slagged off Scott Barton in the past about Mayfest, but when that was held at Hillsborough Park at least the park was filled with plenty of things going off and was a proper show. Arriving at this new show and seeing the big grassed area in front of the car park empty gave a poor 1st impression, then the rest of it. you could walk round in 2 minutes and see everything, what a waste of £4. The organisers need their............. chopping off. Any one on here who likes visiting shows, go to Rotherham Show in September, its massive with floral tents, bands playing, etc and its FREE. If it were £10 to go in, I would pay it, but Green City Days given the choice 2p and that would be day light robbery!
  3. Its there until Sunday, opening at 2pm daily, then moving to Endcliffe Park. Farrar's Famous Funfair.
  4. Open from 2pm, plenty for everyone, free admission!
  5. Should have gone to Firth Park, bigger fair and its FREE to get in.
  6. Sam's your man on 079709 842848 - Dearne Domestic Plumbing, just fiited us a new cubicle & shower and did tiling as well. Turned up on time, fair price, did a first class job and even came back as promised to check no leaks had occured once it had settled in.
  7. Looks like another pub has closed, The Richmond Hotel has its entrance boarded up, values of items removed notices in the windows and a TO - LET sign has gone up. It was only a few weeks ago an article in the Star told how the landlord had opened an on site gym etc. Sign of the times?
  8. Looks like The Richmond Hotel on Richmond Road may be closed as well, again no lights on, door shut and new to let sign gone up.
  9. Think I bought one of your records there, Love on the Rebound.
  10. All the rides except the Freakout are 99p for the duration of the fair. There are 9 big rides, a Ghost Train plus kiddies rides and stalls etc and as they do each year the organisers who are travelling showmen, not Gypsies give a donation to St. Lukes.
  11. Circus Mondao, runs wed 26 to sun 30. All seats £5 on Wed, plenty of posters up with further details or look on Mondao's website.
  12. seem to remember also a cafe on the other side of the road just below the Black Swan, the Paramount?
  13. An old friend of mine Tom Gerrard was the DJ in the Sunset room, had to get a 'proper day time job' when the Fiesta closed and then became resident DJ at Mosborough Hall Hotel working only as a DJ again. Then moved to Charnwood Hotel and did a few mid week pubs and quiz nights mainly around heeley area. Lost touch, but heard he sadly died a couple of years ago.
  14. Bought a non - Ford 3 year old people carrier about 3 years ago that kept breaking down, was going to a wedding miles away and could not trust it, so they lent me a nearly new Galaxy for the weekend. Decided mine was a lemon and replaced with same type but was a newer model, less miles on clock and a higher spec vechile, all for free. Disgrunted when things started going wrong, but more than happy the way they sorted it out.
  15. Often wondered whats behind those shutters, prob a few rotten spuds! Can imagine the orginal counters etc are still there.
  16. invite all the yardies and druggies etc to a lock in, lock em in and throw the key away!
  17. There's a machine at Big W, Catcliffe that you can make your own business cards on. Been out of order for ages, used to be one at Makro but not any more. I know you can make them on pc, but prefer these machines, easier to produce for a novice. Does anyone know where else ther is one locally.?
  18. remember, must have been in the 70's when a blue transit van with Shape of the Rain written across the front of the windscreen was always driving up and down city road.
  19. Part of this years 'Love 2 Be' City Centre Valentines Celebration's put on by Sheffield City Council will be a City Centre Fun Fair with big rides from Feb 8 -17, and all the ladies on the rides between 12 & 2 on Feb 14th will recieve free chocolates and red roses.
  20. used to work at James Neils and as a junior went with a big carboard box every Friday to this chippie for the mens dinners. Remember their fishcakes, large chunks of lovely fish in them. Jewelers opposite called Osbert and Skinners and a paper shop.
  21. the old gray matter has been working overtime today!, Miss hanson became Mrs Wildsmith.
  22. yes, looks abit like Alcatraz with all the fencing up!, no don't remember Shaun.
  23. left 1972, started when school changed from Hurlfield Boys to Hurlfield Comprehensive and became a mixed school for the first time and we were the first kids to use all the brand new stuff in the tower block. Brand new bunsen burners and test tubes!
  24. no, sorry don't remember either of them. Funny, been to Mrytle (Hurlfield to us ) tonight to drop my daughter off for swimming ( it was then I remembered 2 more names) Mr Foreman , swimming instructer and Carl, pool attendent)was telling her its going on for 35 years since I left. New sports hall adjoining pool since I was last there and plenty of building work going on.
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