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  1. Just been for the 3rd time to pay subs, now a notice up saying no subs been taken until further notice, awaiting pass cards.


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    Went past earlier tonight and it was all in darkness, has it closed?

  2. Norths used to come to HANDSWORTH first on club field then moved to the horses field at the side of parkway then they moved to handsworth recreation ground we used to help them put it up mainly the waltzer run by Robert who married a north


    That was the late Robert Moran who used to be a boxer on the fairgrounds. His son Evan now runs the business although they sold the Waltzer a few years ago, it can now be found on the sea front at Bridlington. This ride was replaced by a Superbowl that still attends Kimberworth park fair each year and sometimes Rotherham Show.


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    I remember going to the Farm grounds with my Grandad in the early 60s. There was a Circus on the Wicker goods yards in the late 60s that let my friends and I visit the Animals I fetched my uncle a sack of elephant dung for his roses he said it was the best he'd had. I think the circus was the Bottom Brothers.


    More likely to be the Robert Brothers circus.

  3. Read on another site this event was put on by the organiser of Tansley car boot sale who back in May put on another event the Super Heroe weekend on the Bakewell Show Ground that also got slated for the non appearance of many advertised things. Wonder if the one advertised in a couple of weeks time will still go ahead.

  4. Hillsfest comes a week after another event, just under a month after the fair, a few weeks (or is it one?) before Wednesday in the Park which is probably a few weeks before the next fair/event etc.


    I don't mind the occasional event, I mind the frequency with which these events are taking place. As for advertisement, apart from a banner on the railing outside of the park I don't recall any advertising, never mind a note for locals saying that this event is planned. There are now far more events in the park here than there ever were when we first moved in.


    If the council wants to rent the park out than that is their prerogative, but they could at least have the courtesy of letting those living on the edges of the park know what is planned, what that means in terms of noise etc. All it takes is a letter to residents at the start of the season.

    Planet Circus is now coming to Hillsborough park from Sept 7 -11.

  5. My late father Fred Sissons was a joiner and for a few years i worked in the chisel shop. i now work in a large store in Sheffield and sometimes see Malcolm Burnham as his wife used to work there as did the late Derick Needham's wife. Also in the shop sometimes see Pete Jakeman and Frank Sheldon but not seen Frank recently and in today's local paper Audrey Barraclough has just passed away aged 81.'m Alison Chapman (nee Wainwright), married to Steve Chapman still (40+ yrs),sister to John Wainwright, daughter of George and Beattie Wainwright, neice of Winnie Burdekin and Bill Wainwright - we all worked here. Steve and I have lived in New Zealand for the last 20 years but have very fond memories of the 17 years we worked at Neill Tools from leaving school in 1970 until we left from Handsworth in 1988. All the great guys who worked in the 3 fitting shops at Napier Street and the Toolroom lads - we had the best of times. Some of the names I recall from my time at Neill's which I haven't seen mentioned are: Ralph Littlewood, Dennis Garner, Audrey Barraclough, Frank Sheldon, Mick Moore, Angela Walker who married Steve Walker from the Toolroom, Robert Larson (Fitter No.1) who went to Australia, Glen Gillett, Graham Havenhand (Drawing Office), Malcolm Burnham, Connie from the Toolroom Canteen, Eric Boleham, Neil Morton, Phil Strutt, John Booth, Phil Waddingham, Christine Unwin, Harry? in the canteen, John Moffat, Stan Lewis, Dewiss and Yvonne Brown, Dave Sorsby, Jack Clark, Walt Kent, Ernie Crookes. I will post some more names later.


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    Hi Slip - it seems I can't reply privately just yet but wow so great to hear from you. You are correct, we went to NZ in 1987 and then returned to UK the following year and then back out to NZ in 1996 and here we are still.

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