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  1. its going to be a couple of doors down from where it used to be
  2. anyone know whats going on at newfield green police car and ambulance sirens all over place heading towards newfield tonight at teatime
  3. if you live near the stagecoach 79 or 79a bus route that stops close to the back entrance to graves park
  4. 4c ok then you are lucky im thankful my grandson is too young to understand be fu@£in careful which was sprayed in their yellow paint on the footpath at Norton ave where they marked the bits they were going to be doing
  5. same bike was involved in a drive off from dyche lane petrol station on thurs 2nd 2 men involved details have been sent to police who are just waiting on the cctv of the incident
  6. the sale of e cigs are covered by the same laws as any tobacco products
  7. the green un is now 1 10 as of sat 13th oct
  8. any that i not got would be more than welcome will pm u my address and if you can enclose yours i will reimburse you the postage thank you so much
  9. have already got no 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15
  10. does any kind person have any spare sun tokens that they no longer require will reimburse you postage
  11. i to can confirm that the council didnt take on any seasonal staff this year due to cutbacks not only on street force but cemeteries as well as my partner has worked with them seasonally for 14yrs but didnt get back this yr due to cuts in budgets
  12. no idea colleen only thing i can think of regarding no answer to phones was that they could have been busy at time and as for the 1 at broomhall perhaps the person who was supposed to open up that morn was running late or overslept
  13. can tell u for sure they havent gone bust i work for them though not at that shop
  14. penistone999 i work in a filling station and i know a few raised the price of theyre fuel but we didnt at present ours is 139,9 and 146.9 it was 137.9 and 144.9 at time of the fuel panic not many could have beaten it
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