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  1. I've returned from a 3 day break with 4 friends. One from Leeds, 2 from Newcastle and 1 from Cumbria. In between boozing (and other "girl stuff"!) we (drunkenly) spoke about what our towns/cities were famous/known for. I came up with steel (obviously), brewery's (obviously!), hendersons relish (I 'spash' it on EVERYTHING!) and 'The Full Monty' (very poor, I know ... !!). I will add here that my association's were way more impressive than theirs!
  2. He's absolutely both of the above ... which makes me totally love him! The guy's a legend. I recently saw Colin Fry at the City Hall (another reported 'fraudster') and he's exactly the same. So over the top and dramatic, I was hooked! Ok, maybe it's just me.
  3. ... in and around Sheffield?? Carried out internet searches for the Sheffield area, to no avail. Recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. ... on Chesterfield Road. Any experiences/thoughts??
  5. I'd recommend the 'buffet night' on Monday's. All you can eat for £10 or £11. Cater for everyone. Children also made very welcome. Still the excellent service as was before (c-peaks). I also love Damon's. People have mixed feelings about this place but personally I think it's great. I just don't like cooking at home!!
  6. Hey all I have been delegated the task of organising my mate's "Sheffield hen night" (we're also off to Amsterdam and Blackpool * shame *!). We're wanting pubs, meal then club ... easy on the "cheese" please, we're off to Blackpool remember!). Veils, condoms and L-plates at the ready ... btw, I'm joking! Any sugesstions? Sass
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