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  1. I popped in with a couple of mates Monday night. It's an absolutely fantastic little bar. The decor is top notch, the beer selection is dynamite and the staff were friendly. You can see the tuns out the back too, which is nice. I thought the test ales were a great idea too. 4 ales that are in development. Whichever is most popular goes into full production. I'll be returning regularly.
  2. Hi, Your website looks great. You would benefit from a logo though. The fine details of a website add value to your products and trust to your company, just like in physical stores. You have a niche market, so a play on that market would probably help. Just my opinions. Well done on the site and good luck!
  3. I got one of these http://www.techdigest.tv/2007/05/wacom_bamboo_co.html I have found it an interesting punt as I only paid about £30 and it's definitely a fun little bit of kit. However, I would get much more out of a bigger one. But @ 10x £ they are beyond my means! The quality is still very nice and i'm told only gets better with the intuos range.
  4. The triangle aforementioned is one to get lost in that's for sure And I think dog n partridge do tullamore dew.
  5. cheers for the advice! Ill look into the xp mode thingy...
  6. Hi there, Im wanting a new desktop but i'd like to buy the parts and put it together myself. I've heard of "burning in" and stuff....do I need to do this, and if so, how? Im currently thinking; intel i5 2500 ripjaw 4gb 1333 ram (single4gb module) arctic power 500w 2xsata power supply Some cheap case with some fans for about £20 Asus P8H61/USB3 H61 Socket 1155 8 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard And then I dunno about a graphics card? This all comes in at about 300 before GPU. Any recommendations? This needs to play no games at all, just internet and Photoshop/illustrator. However, I would like to be able to use the xp simulator thing in win7 as I have loads of stuff that only works in XP. Any tips on this budget build would be much appreciated cheers
  7. Hiya, I would recommend eBay for findings/fixings. You can get great starter pack mixes for a few quid
  8. I was in a black cab once and the guy proceded to go and buy a kebab so I had to wait 5 mins for that, then he stopped for petrol en route. Like bus drivers, they tend to begrudge their job and are often ignorant. PH are cleaner, comfyer, much cheaper and much friendlier. No offence to the black cab driver - i'm sure you're a good un.
  9. Hi Everyone, My main PC has been completely over run by virus's. I have taken it to get it sorted but the problem came back within a week. So I want to put a new HDD in and start a fresh. I've bought the drive - 500Gb Western digital 16mb cache 72000 caviar blue. (it had lots of good reviews and was cheap!). I have also bought an XP disk (neex xp for some picky hardware). I gather I just swap the drives and pop in the boot disc - i think I can sort that ok. But what im worried about is will my hardware all be correctly configured etc? What do I need to bare in mind/do to make it all run smoothly? Also, what's the best way of getting my files from the old HDD without infecting the new one? Any tips or advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Not quite the nail on the hed lol as this person would still be £500k richer than most of us.
  11. Money for clothes - advisor discretionary fund - has now been scrapped. (The shops you could use were Topman/Dotty Perkins etc. But for job specific needs you can go anywhere as long as you provide receipts. This was not just for clothes either. Whatever you needed top start a job. And the limit was actually £300 in a year.) As has travel to interview sceme. If these schemes are still going in places it is because their current kitty has not yet been exhausted. The one thing that remains is "back to work bonus" for 26wks+ claimants. £100 standard, £250 for single parents etc. It only applies if everyone that affects the claim will then be off benefits. In this situation you also get Housing Benefit and council tax run on of 28 days. You can still claim bus fares into the job centre when you have to go in and it's not your signing day.
  12. T'rude shipyard is lovely...but tiny. Good job most ukes are too! Anyways, I thought it would be handy to share this with any budding ukelele players... http://www.ukuleleorchestra.com/main/Workshops.aspx?SessionKey= reyt good chord charts for three common tunings. http://www.wabsnazm.co.uk/uke/BUS%20Songbook%20II.pdf and that one's a songbook not dissimilar to what gets used at uke sundays I believe. Hope these can be of some use to someone
  13. Two steps is opposite Roneys butchers on Sharrowvale Rd, Just down from the harley and rileys snooker hall, just off ecclesall rd. There's also a green steps on hickmot road just rd the corner, which is greener, and more ethical, and has gluten free batter. Two steps for taste. Though green steps is still good!
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