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  1. Hi I'm a female joiner and notice that when I purchase materials there are so few woman working in the trade. Are there many on the forum or are they as invisible as they seem?
  2. I have a 12 year old who would like to start boxing. We're looking for a club near S2 but can travel. He wants to do boxing, not kick boxing or that - boxing. Anyone have any recommendations on clubs that provide a healthy environment with good opportunities to learn and fight in the future? Thanks.
  3. Come and meet other women, share knowledge and ideas and create links for future work. First meeting is on Wednesday 16th July at 7.30pm. Refreshments provided. Near city centre, please contact Anne Reid on 07837658031 for venue details. Thanks Anne WORK WITH WOOD
  4. I'd be happy to call and discuss a quote when it's convenient. Call me on 07837658031
  5. Id like a rare night out for dinner with my other half and would like to dine sonewhere that has light entertainment possibly a pianist and also serves a choice of vegeterian dished. Did I mention id like to go tomorrow night ? Thanks
  6. Hi All. I'm after a couple of wood effect filing cabinets but have discovered they are really expensive. Does anyone know of any shops locally that sell office furniture or does anyone have any filing cabinets for sale? I'm checking Ebay and Gumtree on a daily basis. Thanks
  7. Hi she's still missing. She was found and placed in the gardens at Sheffield Wildlife on Stafford Road but she has gone missing again. Can people please look out for her. Shes very special. thanks
  8. pixie you have 1, your mum has 1, jim has 1 and martin has 1 sorted.
  9. Hi Went book an appointment today with my hairdresser Ben at Regis to find out he has left. He previously worked at 284 on Ecclesall Rd. Does anyone know if hes still doing hair?, where he works now or how to get intouch with him? Ben I need my hair doing and your the best my friend. Thanks ---------- Post added 26-02-2013 at 14:40 ---------- SF Why do you have to move my thread? I'm not looking for a hairsalon to get my hair done I'm looking for 1 person and this mega thread hasn't helped. As you can see there are no replies, is this because no one has read my post? Thanks for nothing
  10. I've done one at Bikesafe and one at ATB and I learned much more at ATB. Its not expensive either
  11. So anyway whats happened with your phone, any news yet?
  12. Ebay just put in Redbull decals and you'll get many choices.
  13. I'm coming to egg you on. Looking forward to it.
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