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  1. http://mine in 1955..was £1 18 6pence, for50 hrs aweek .was 15 years old …/
  2. I do like the pub ,its just the kids running all over shouting screaming...glad its not my local...
  3. hi,,is the pub open now because it shut for refurbishsing..?
  4. does anyone remember the little club a cross the road,it was like a house owned by alan young ....his dad i think??
  5. i lived next door to blake in the 50.s..remember across road was a corner shop,...
  6. bring back the chase..cash trapped its spoiled my teatime viewing..
  7. loved reading your memories everyone,them where the days,,xx
  8. loved it...was it blackstock school/?
  9. all other countries are jealous of us ,,they love the royals ..
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