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  1. Maybe at that time there was still the "White City" estate which were built of Reema constructed homes for the for the Miners...which had a lifespan of around 50-60 years.....Yes the area's you mention are very nice...although i had an offer accepted on a house in S.Anston on Crowgate about 23 years ago...it stood fairly high up ...it was called..."High Mede" and you could hear the noisy A57 quite clearly plus there were lorries and buses coming down the road all the time so i declined..but that may have been where it was situated..there is a large estate at the back which i would imagine is very quiet as it is surrounded by open countryside Just out of curiosity how do you mean..."Don't you think Todwick can be overpriced.." for what it is"?? Thorpe Salvin is a very nice.....award winning.. ...village on the borders of Nottinghamshire, which seems to consist of large detached homes..it has a nice pub in the centre....The Parish Oven.....and is not far from Bondhay Golf Club, there is also the ..Sheffield Aero Club Limited at the Netherthorpe airfield nearby... it is between Harthill and Shireoaks....but do be aware that in heavy rain the roads do tend to flood mainly towards Shireoaks and i have known them to be closed at times, In winter if it snows they may get snowbound unless the farmer's clear them which they often do...it is not on a bus route.The rail station is nearby...but nowhere to park....and it can get quite busy at times ,there is also a level crossing which can hold the traffic up...just to add there is also the Chesterfield Canal with a foot/towpath you can walk along for miles,or fish if you feel that way...open countryside all around it. Todwick is also a very nice, quiet village...infant/nursery school,cricket/football field,bowling green,with a large children's play area at the bottom,there is one near the church too...the Red Lion (pub) stands at the very edge of the village next to a garden centre near the roundabout.There is just one main road thro' which is kept clear in winter as it is a bus route to the A57...which can be very busy at peak times,the M1 is about a mile away, lots of open countryside with walks,...not far from the next village.. mile or so....Kiveton which has High /Infant schools,doctors,shopping facilities,dentists,a lot of newly built homes and two rail station's...there is also the 740 acre Rother Valley Country Park a couple of miles down the road..in fact you could walk there over the fields...as for being overpriced, some maybe,there are a lot of large/expensive homes on Kiveton Lane...the one next to the school went on sale for a £1,000,000 a few years ago and it sold within a matter of weeks....the one across from the school is on the market at £1,400.000..but they keep selling..the average price is around £288,000 .. (£340.000 detached).. but there are quite a few a lot cheaper...but not on Kiveton Lane..... Do not know much about L en le M as it is years since i went there to visit a friend but it was a very nice village
  2. Probably not when MOT'd....believe it or not but loud pipes for bikes bought new are around £4-500 ...and sometimes they swap these for the standard ones when MOT comes around, some lads i knew would buy a very long drill and drill a hole ....straight thro' the baffles...the "dirt bikes" do look like off roaders......i got stuck behind one last year going to the east coast....what a racket....
  3. I never said anything of the sort....you've taken it all out of context.....
  4. I did actually remove the comment but not quick enough.....and i am not being rude,.....if i am i will apologise....and i can muster a sensible argument it's just that people don't like it....also i would prefer NOT to argue
  5. I never said " will hit me for having a different opinion. Would they hit for not having racist or sexist opinions?"..maybe for a nasty one like the ones on here,or you may get a clout from a woman for a sexist one.......like i said...take a walk up to the "Nag"
  6. Me,you and everyone i know in Killamarsh which is quite a lot even tho' i don't live there anymore.,do you really have to ask that question,...I don't think.....i am not one of the chest beating "I'm working class and proud of it"...I'mW/Class and NOT ASHAMED OF IT .....sadly most think they are middle class...whatever that is....getting away from the thead again
  7. Its nothing about being a thug,i am not supporting them....in those days nobody took to using weapons...but they weren't afraid to speak their minds face to face...(as i do myself unfortunately,it gains more enemies than friends) instead of cowering behind a keyboard spouting nastiness,..you have your free speech and it is YOU who does not like other's opinion's,same as everyone else that's moaning........When i was a child we did not have one... TV... until i was around 8/9 years old,when i lived in Sheff no inside loo just a backyard and paper on a nail, tin bath,no hot running water,and gas mantles to light..I never saw grass until i was 6/7...!sigh! ..but i digress and have come off the subject....Yes modern lifestyles do mean we live longer, i hope you DO live to a ripe old age as do your G/kids
  8. I am calm owd lad..it's the rest who seem to be getting their knickers in a twist...but you are probably a good son and will buy it for your owd mum as a mothers day pressie.... go in the "Nags Head" and spout your opinion in there,take willman with you You mean you actually researched this to see if it was true...how sad.I wondered how long it would be before the researchers came out All working class O.A.P's should get it free Ben Fogle has donated his salary from one of his programmes to pay for pensioner licences. Good for him. ..i think they should put income tax up to pay for it too from all those in good salary paid jobs What a nasty thing to say....but then again all you seem to do is moan about pensioners...another keyboard warrior that can only say it while being invisible.....I remember long ago when my parents had a pub,one of the regulars used to say things like this...until another regular put him on his back in the taproom...never said it again... ......a taproom is where all the locals would go for a drink play doms/darts/cards etc....just for anyone who didn't know what one was... So you think the ones who fought should get nothing.........the answers on this forum about O.A.P's make me ashamed to be a Yorkshireman.Personally i think it should be awarded to everyone at 65...... Just to say there is a post asking people to sign a petition on here by Gene...i have signed it...bet the're all wrong and all you saddo's are correct tho' What a disgrace you all are... Just to add the TV licence in Ireland is free at 70 (for now).... read on....https://www.thejournal.ie/poll-should-pensioners-in-ireland-have-to-pay-for-their-tv-licence-4676899-Jun2019/
  9. YOU should be ashamed of YOUR self speaking about your old mum like that..you sound a little jealous....i read on here a while back you said you were from Killamarsh......try going in the Nags Head and spouting off....you won't be in there long ..but as I said you're not the only one on here who moans about O.A.P's..it'll be the free bus pass next...comeon "W"...makes you proud to be British....I don't think To Quote :- A VETERAN who won the prestigious Victoria Cross award claimed he felt “physically sick” and had “tears” in his eyes after the BBC announced it plans to axe free TV licences for over-75s.A veteran, known as George, emailed into ITV’s Good Morning Britain, claiming he felt “sickened and disgusted” at the BBC’s plans to scrap free TV licences for over-75s. From 2020, only 1.5 million households where an elderly viewer is receiving Pension Credit will qualify to get the £150.50 licence free of charge. Reading out an email from the veteran on GMB, host Piers Morgan said: “What about this email, George via email to Good Morning .. “‘As a former war veteran and recipient of a Victoria Cross, I am sickened and disgusted that I am now expected to pay the license fee. “‘The television has become my only source of entertainment as due to ill health I cannot leave the house like I used to. “‘I feel physically sick, I have tears in my eyes as I write this letter. I feel I am being punished by the Government and the BBC’.” Mr Morgan added: “A Victoria Cross winner in this country, George, by email. In tears this morning, because of what the BBC and in conspiracy with the Government, this is what they have done..... During a rant later, Mr Morgan said: “There you are 80, 85, 90, 95, 100-years-old. Watching television, for many people their only window into the world and this is what we do to them. “D-Day veterans, really BBC? That is what you are going to do? You’re going to tax D-Day veterans to watch television...….I'm disgusted He should read this bit on Sheffield Forum...He'd be even MORE disgusted.....
  10. I find people like you disgusting.......did you see the D-Day...Remembrance...these are/would have been O.A.P'S who put their lives on the line so the likes of you can complain about them...you ought to be ashamed of yourself..but unfortunately you are not on your own on this forum.....
  11. ... I watched the first episode of this last night....thanks to all for recommending it.....
  12. I ride/stick to the speed limit,..(not all bikers think they are on the Isle of Man although many do!!)....if i went any slower i would be in danger of some idiot trying make me go faster or becoming aggressive, i own/ drive a Hybrid. and i occassionally experience it in that by someone thinking i'm an old fart because i drive one (i am ) and i should be going faster than the speed limit ..(there is /was already one thread on here about that very thing and they were getting upset just by talking about it!).....as for riding defensively..believe me i do...any advice i would give to new m/cyclists is......ride/think as tho' everyone in a car is out to kill you...only bikers will know what i mean.....as for loud pipes ..YES... you can hear them from miles away..not just from the back.....the same with cars playing loud music..you can hear them in advance too....as i already said...probably because they have the music turned up full to drown the noise of the (farm tractor) diesel engine out....all my own opinion of course...take care,drive safe..have a nice day ..
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