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    If they have a "Hypo" attack and the sugar levels drop too low, trying to give sugary snacks is not as easy as some may think,it's the same as giving a lump of sugar,they may not want to eat/drink and will be unaware anything is wrong....my wife has been type 1 for 48 years and i have seen her have many "Hypo's"with blood sugars dropping to as low as 1.4......when it gets that low she is totally out of it and does not even know how to swallow any fluids let alone chew anything,it is then up to me to try and bring her around......she carries a small bottle of Lucozade with her everywhere ...(as well as testing her blood sugar levels 5-6 times a day).... and if she feels her levels are dropping she takes a small drink,..(at one time her lips would start to tingle and she knew it was getting low)...unfortunately they started to take the sugar out of these drinks so it does not work as it used to,we keep a 500ml bottle in the bedroom... (plus large bottles for top ups)... at all times but i also put a teaspoon of sugar inside now to help it act faster..there is also "GLUCOGEL" also known as "HYPOSTOP" which is a fast acting remedy......sucking boiled sweets is ok but now most have artificial sweeteners in them.As a child it must be very hard to try and maintain blood sugar levels especially if they are active
  2. euclid

    Valentine Days .

    Yes me/us too.....even on my wifes birthday i always ask if she would like a card or a fiver (now a tenner/inflation)....as i would rather give her the money than someone else......she always agree's Errm that includes me too .....although, we first met just after her 16th birthday..she is 68 in May,still together,married 49 years in June.....must be doing something right
  3. There is one for the TV in the main living area,one for the wifes TV in the Kitchen,both go to seperate built in TV points,i just connect the COAX from the aerial to the COAX in the loft leading to the TV points .... the other one goes to a junction box then feeds a TV in a bedroom and a combined TV/Computor monitor in another room at the other end of the bungalow..in 2017 they cost around £20-£22 each...This one/(Digital TV Aerial Slx 32 Element High Gain Wideband Freeview HD Outdoor/Loft Kit),...the other two were fitted long before that so will have been cheaper and were very easy to fit,...no climbing on a roof/no drilling thro' walls,no wind blowing it down,and I do like to do things myself........I did not want to "spur" off one aerial, because it would affect everything if something were to happen ,.....if your aerial goes down you will lose all reception...just to add my loft isn't filthy and is boarded out so I can walk in it...lot easier.BUT... it does depend on the area you live in for reception,...when we came here 22 years ago that is where the aerial already was...never had a prob......
  4. I live in a bungalow and have three aerials fitted inside the loft (there are four rooms with seperate TV points fitted)...all done by myself.....all bought off e-bay.....the reception i receive is excellent..never had a problem ..i am in S26
  5. euclid

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    I live 11-12 mile from City Centre/Pond Street...if i go into the City i always take the bus,we get one every hour,and sometimes there are very few on board..the trip used to take around 50 minutes as the route took in Sheffield Business centre, into Attercliffe, on to Pond Street where no one ever apppeared to get on or off,it amazed me how anyone could make it pay..BUT... the owners of the Stagecoach group branched out into Europe and the USA and are worth over 1 BILLION pounds each so, it must pay somehow What a very nice thing to say ..i applaud you...
  6. euclid

    TV license fee to increase again.

    So i should give my fee away rather than spend it on myself/family...do you drink/smoke run a car etc whose coffers are you putting it in???..it's just an excuse for being a tight wad.... Yes you're right,but i have enjoyed it nevertheless (but i do think being called "Anaesthetised is a bit strong )...it's called relaxing at the end of the day,although i do spend more time reading than watching T.V.......As i have already said..i have seen things i never would have,and have the knowledge of those things too.... how do you participate in life other than "seemingly"..moan all the time ????. sit twiddling your thumbs..in front of a computer screen being a keyboard warrior... ..each to their own.....have a nice day...
  7. euclid

    TV license fee to increase again.

    Thats not even the price of a pint...or a burger..what exactly are you going to do with all that money....a bag of chips and change.. As i have already said " it has allowed me to see things/go places i could never dream of...I saw Henry Cooper flatten Cassius Clay...England win the world cup...man walk on the moon (allegedly)...Kennedy assassinated....been deep under the Ocean,seen Earth from space.......seen the poverty of some nations as well as the rich ones.....the world cup in Russia...Olga Korbut win those gold medals in the olympics (1972/76)..I could go on and on......i also download radio shows off BBC-i-player and play them back on my mobile when out walking or motorcycling..this too is included in the licence fee...for a few quid a week it is a real bargain,although i don't condone the wages paid to the presenters....the one thing i wouldn't do is pay for the likes of SKY...............
  8. euclid

    TV license fee to increase again.

    Nice one IRIS..... I started work in 1964..12 hours a day + weekends at times...65-75 hours a week sometimes 16 hours a day...this was because the industry i was in demanded it....for 46 years....because of the NI contributions i paid i get extra on top of my pension which just over doubles it......As for the TV licence i really don't watch that much television..a few hours a day maybe after teatime,never during the day..BUT.....it has allowed me to see things/go places i could never dream of going or seeing....yes it is annoying when the licence fee's go up but i would rather pay it and keep seeing amazing places/things, i would otherwise never do or have done......If the programmes offend anyone..there is always the "OFF" button
  9. euclid

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    I believe it's 65 now but i got mine at 60...10 years ago...apparently it is only for England..not Scotland.. not sure about Wales...was told this by a fella who tried to use his on holiday in Scotland,they have their own scheme....wonder who will be the first to moan about 0.A.P's getting something free.. because they can't....(W)..........

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    JTS high quality Ladies leather motorcycle jacket this is in excellent condition. All zips in perfect order none broken no tags missing no tears rips worn bits This cost in excess of £200 when new as any biker will know, There is no size label on but it is a ladies as it fastens Right over Left and wifey says it is probably a size 12-14 but please check all the measurements below and make your own mind up Anyone interested is quite welcome to look try on for themselves no prob. Measurements laid flat are approx' Armpit to Armpit 21" across the chest...on outer zip,.22" on inner... Armpit to cuff 15" Shoulders 18" across on the back Collar to hem 24" down the back ..Across the waist ..19" on outer zip..20" on inner Four external pockets One internal with zip Two belts with buckles on waist Stretch panels in shoulders for ease of movement. Double main zip for size adjustment. Half waist zip for trouser attachment. Padded on shoulders and elbows with JTS logo on neck and arms any queries just ask I am in Kiveton Park area


  11. euclid

    Why cheaper from other side of world?

    I have bought/buy quite a lot from overseas..just as an instance,my Honda motorcycle has (4) "Iridium Plugs" fitted as standard,in the UK they cost between £20-£25 each + postage (NGK) depending on supplier....i bought a set (4 NGK) from the States .cost £42 and that was inclusive of postage etc....I also buy Hush Puppies Powerwalkers for my wife from the States..about 6 pairs up to now...as she is diabetic and they can be bought in different widths....(they are also known as diabetic shoes in the States),...the last time i bought 2 pairs in cream leather. (Jan 2017) and the cost for TWO pairs. Hush Puppies Women's Power Walker II Leather Ankle-High Leather Fashion Sneaker ORDER TOTAL £36.61 plus about £20 p+p .but i did come across a bargain,...one pair still in box new,the other one still in excellent condition,+another pair in white also as new + others in black...other times i have paid around £50 +PP In the UK.on Amazon.. to quote:-.....Hush Puppies Power Walker II/White Leather.... Price: £210.96 FREE delivery.
  12. euclid

    Growing up in Beighton

    I knew a "little" Ronnie Cooper from Beighton many years ago..he used to come up to the Waleswood at Walesbar had many a pint with him...a mate who also knows/knew him said he had seen him in York and he had a pub there...but this was a few years ago.....
  13. euclid

    Drakehouse Car Parks

    That is correct...i used it myself many times and walked over the bridge to the market etc...rather than park in the car park as it was always full
  14. euclid

    DWP letter....Is it a scam????

    Rip it up, throw it away... then forget about it...they do not ask how much money you have in your account(s)..only if you have above a certain amount,the answer then would be yes or no, not how much...do not ring the number as it may end up being a premium rate one from which the "scammer" is benefitting...
  15. euclid

    Drakehouse Car Parks

    Thanks for that...i was parked there on Tuesday and walked it down into Worksop centre...i have been doing this for years...i also walk over the road to the burger van....has to be the best for miles......will park over the road next to the burger van in future.....

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