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  1. euclid

    The WORST drivers, which cars do they drive?

    Have to say Justin i do agree with you,i do around 4- 5,000 miles thro' the summer on a motorcycle and without a doubt the most aggressive/stupid drivers seem to be in Audi's...A3 mostly.....it's though they haven't a moment to spare,obviously it doesn't apply to every Audi driver but sadly most of them...these are quickly followed by BMW ..1 Series....
  2. Have to agree...i have sent dozens of parcels from the P.O. and have always been given a receipt,just to add the "barcode" is also a tracking number,if you put this into P.O tracking it will say where/when/time it has been posted,from which post office and will also say when it arrived,both at the post office it arrived at plus the address when delivered to...i feel any negligence is on the part of whoever took it in.
  3. euclid

    Born in the 40's, 50's, 60's??

    No you got it all right they were called "billions"..cheese triangle,pickled onion,couple of "ritz"..crackers and a small wooden knife inside to spread the cheese..my parents had a pub in the late 60's / 70's and they came on a large card which was hung up.....probably sold billions too lol..
  4. I gave my new 2oz tin of Golden Virginia,pack of Rizla and box of Swan Vestas to my mate at work in early 1987...32 years ago,no tablets,patches etc just pure determination.....I have never touched another fag since...I started smoking while still at school in the late 50's,not yet a teenager,....and often spent my bus fare money on them when i went to higher school....pack of Domino 3 for 7d.....5 Park Drive about 10d, i remember buying a pack of 20 Players when i started work in 1964...just to show off i s'pose.. they cost 4/6d...I have never really craved for one and i dread to think what i would be like if i had carried on.Its only when you have been stopped smoking for a while that you realise how those that do "stink", in fact the heavy smokers make me retch at the smell...This morning i have just returned from a 4 mile walk,i do it everyday,sometimes twice...before i stopped i was out of breath after a couple of hundred yards...BUT you have got to really WANT to stop smoking..i always did,and so glad of it.....just to add i turned 70 last year and feel i am fitter than i was 32 years ago,if i hadn't stopped i honestly don't think i would be here.......
  5. euclid

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Agree with PRESLEY..Dances With Wolves is an excellent film..i can only think..."pintor"... saw the TV version which has been drastically edited,i have the film on DVD in its entirety and it is over FOUR hours long....they did the same with "Shogun"....to show on TV it was cut to under three hours..it is actually over EIGHT hours long
  6. In 2004 i bought a 53 reg Mercedes E220 cdi Elegance...this was equipped with a speed limiter,when set at the speed desired it would not go over that limit no matter how far you pushed the pedal....it was also fitted with auto braking...this was for use in slow moving traffic and only worked up to about 20mph maybe less....the idea was to let the car crawl along in slow traffic and when it approached the one in front it would apply the brakes itself....i used it a couple of times to see if it worked...it did.....but never trusted it....as for the speed limiter i only used that on occasion and preferred to look at the speedo.......i believe they dis-continued these not long after 2003,i had trouble with the electronic braking system on mine which had to be fixed by MB...so maybe this was one of the reason's...drive safe
  7. euclid

    New coal mine approved

    Powerfuel went into administration after failing to raise £635 million needed to build the clean coal power station and £30 million to upgrade the mine plus the powers that be didn't want coal anymore..full stop..Richard Budge..(died 2016).. had Russian backers which did not go down very well either...i think you are the one that is either deluded or naive..have a nice day...
  8. euclid

    New coal mine approved

    I remember long ago listening to "Rony Robinson",on his talk show was a man who had been at a seminar in the USA in the 50's where Churchill was speaking..he said to quote "the only way forward in Britain is to destroy the unions,and the first one has to be the strongest,the NUM,once that goes the rest will follow,it will never happen in my lifetime..but it will happen"..and he was right,they were intent of getting rid of the miners too...they never forgave them for the strikes of 1972/74 and the collapse of the Heath government Don't be so sure of that..a lot of ex/new-miners would probably be happy to have a job again...i have lived in mining area's all my life and have seen the devastation caused by pits closing What did you expect??..the cheapest way to aquire coal is and always will be to "opencast"..but nobody wants this either....I worked in "opencast mining " for95% of my working life...the other 5% spent on motorways/roads etc....no facilities there either, i ate wherever i was working,as well as "the call's of nature"..,no facilities for washing hands unless there was a puddle nearby,..if you got wet..you stayed wet for the next 12-16 hours..........Have you ever watched the 1941 film..."How Green Was My Valley"..i watched it again a few weeks ago..this is how it was... I would just like to quote you something you may be interested in.....from the Doncaster Free Press...."AROUND 500 new jobs are to be created when the world's largest power station of its type is built in Doncaster. The Government has given the go-ahead for a massive 900 mega-watt station to be built by mining company Powerfuel at Hatfield Colliery which will power a million homes. Powerfuel plans to build a low emission gas burning station at the site before converting it into an even more environmentally friendly coal gasification power station. Development of the station is due to begin in June and end in 2012. It is expected to create 500 temporary construction jobs.The clean coal station will see coal converted into carbon monoxide and hydrogen which will be mixed at high temperatures with oxygen to create a gas mixture called synthesis gas. It is hoped work to covert the station into a clean coal unit will start in 2014 but is dependent on Government approval.Richard Budge, boss at Powerfuel, said: "This consent allows Powerfuel to implement our plans for the large-scale production of low carbon electricity in the north of England from a secure source based here in the UK. "I am confident we will successfully convert the combined cycle gas turbine power station into an even more environmentally friendly integrated coal gasification combined cycle station which will be constructed by 2014." Lets face it H&S were welcome..at first...but they just became ridiculous...my father..ex miner..always said the best thing that was ever done for them was...building "PIT BATHS"...I can still remember him and the other miners walking down the streets ..as "black as coal" with just their eyes/mouths showing,most still wearing their helmet's and knee pad's...As i said previously "Opencasting"..is profitable.. I remember it well..i used to pass "High Moor Colliery" on my way to work at an "opencast site"..,..well before it started there were lorries queued for miles in each direction waiting to fill up with coal for the Power Stations....when they had more than enough on stock..she led Scargill straight into it... I got stopped more than once by the police and asked where i was bound..they would then radio ahead and tell me if it was alright to proceed..when i arrived at work there was always police there.....just to say the Miners never bothered us....but they did bother the lorries...
  9. euclid

    Climate change protests

    What a perfect excuse for Sheffield Council to introduce a "congestion charge",and in doing so retailers will have an excuse to raise prices,and the bus companies,taxi's etc etc... ......bet some councillor 's thought of it already..
  10. euclid

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I've watched it twice ...excellent....but it missed the bit out where he ran a stall in Kensington market selling clothes and he was the one who sold Noddy Holder his top hat....i read this in Noddy's biography..also very good...
  11. euclid

    Too Old To Drive

    exactly right..... No i did not see that programme but there are far too many ready to condemn the elderly. I turned 70 last year and at one time i used to find motoring a pleasure..not any more..too much traffic, everyone in a hurry,and most cars seem to have indicators fitted that don't work ???....I walk wherever i can and usually take the bus where i can't...into town etc.....my car is just a shopping trolley really and as i do all my own DIY around the house/garden etc it makes most of its journeys to Wickes/Screwfix and the like,would i miss driving as i get older ?????.I am still quite competent and a lot of elderly people rely on their cars, but i do think there should be a compulsory eye testing...
  12. I have just replaced one myself about that size..the cost of the unit with 20mm spacer was £55....took all of 10-15 minutes to take out the old and replace with new one ......i use these.....http://discountglassltd.co.uk/contact/3228615.......but they are in Worksop
  13. euclid

    Bin instructions

    You're welcome.....
  14. euclid

    On the fiddle.

    No,i don't think i have....if they are living in Monaco etc they are doing it for the reason i have said,To Avoid Paying Tax unlike the rest of us who have to...or do you really think it doesn't come into the equation...To quote..https://www.alux.com/reasons-rich-people-live-in-monaco/ The most common reason why rich people choose to live in Monaco is the fact that the city-state does not have personal income tax. You can earn as much money as possible and you will get all of it with no tax cut. This is why Monaco is popularly known as the tax haven. People from outside Monaco, who owns business outside Monaco, choose to live in Monaco to dodge from their own country’s taxes.
  15. euclid

    On the fiddle.

    You can't really point the gun at Albert,...there are/were 72 replies to this thread and he seems to be in a minority,in some cases it has developed into "forumer's" arguing with each other over facts/ statistics and trying to prove they are more intelligent than the other ...it wouldn't take much to be more brainy than I.......What it all comes down to in the end is all the rich/celebrities etc involved in Tax Evasion Schemes ..which are legal in the EU and are really "tax avoidance schemes".I am a 70 year old pensioner and i still pay income tax on my old age pension,very saddening to think i might pay more tax than a millionaire...but..nowt i can do bout it except bite my lip ......Keep speaking your mind Albert and saying it how it is...a spade is a spade........sadly i am not rich enough to join one...If i won the lottery would i move abroad...NO.....i would buy a nice pad in Lincolnshire with 20 acres of land around me to keep out barking dogs and screaming kids...LOL.. here are some facts you may be interested in owd lad. Celebrities including David Beckham and Wayne Rooney have lost a legal bid to overturn a £700m tax bill. They were among more than 1,000 people who invested in the Ingenious film financing schemes in the hope of securing tax relief. HM Revenue and Customs' reported policy of advising against giving honours to tax-avoiding celebrities has been backed by Sir Vince Cable. Celebrities who use lawful but controversial schemes are being "blacklisted" to protect the reputation of the honours list, list of ........managers...footballers....celebrities and the list goes on and on Steve McClaren (Ex-England) Sir Alex Ferguson (Ex-Man Utd) Carlo Cudicini (Ex-Chelsea assistant) Martin O’Neill (Ex-Rep of Ireland) David O’Leary (Ex-Leeds) Gary McAllister (Ex-Leeds) David Beckham (ex-Man Utd) Dennis Wise (ex-Chelsea) Dean Windass (ex-Hull) Steven Gerrard (ex-Liverpool) Anton Ferdinand (ex-QPR) Marcus Bent (ex-Everton) Jamie Carragher (ex-Liverpool) Nicky Barmby (ex-Spurs) Dominic Matteo (ex-Liverpool) Wes Brown (ex-Man Utd) Nicky Butt (ex-Man Utd) Michael Hughes (ex-C Palace) Steven Caldwell (ex-Burnley) Joey Barton (ex-Man City) Martin Keown (ex-Arsenal) Jonathan Woodgate (ex-Leeds) Colin Hendry (ex-Blackburn) Emile Heskey (ex-Liverpool) Clinton Morrison (ex-Palace) Danny Murphy (ex-Liverpool) Scott Parker (ex-Charlton) John O’Shea (ex-Man Utd) Hayden Mullins (ex-Palace) John Arne Riise (ex-Liverpool) Trevor Sinclair (ex-West Ham) Mamady Sidibe (ex-Stoke) Robbie Keane (ex-Spurs) Neil Lennon (ex-Leicester) Joleon Lescott (ex-Man City) Gary Lineker (ex-Leicester) Paul Konchesky (ex-Leicester) Francis Jeffers (ex-Everton) Eoin Jess (ex-Aberdeen) Alain Goma (ex-Fulham) Ryan Giggs (ex-Man Utd) Andy Griffin (ex-Newcastle) Tim Cahill (ex-Everton) Jussi Jaskelainen (ex-Bolton) Michael Bridges (ex-Leeds) Matthew Etherington (ex-W Ham) Paul McVeigh (ex-Norwich) Gudni Bergsson (ex-Bolton) Simon Charlton (ex-Bolton) Matthew Elliott (ex-Leicester) Dean Richards (ex-Wolves) Victoria Beckham Anne Robinson Davina McCall Neil Morrissey David Suchet Sacha Baron Cohen David Heyman Jeremy Paxman Kate Adie Peter Fincham (ex-ITV boss) Lord Grade of Yarmouth (ex-BBC chairman) Geri Halliwell Melanie Chisholm Simon Fuller Peter Gabriel Phillip Schofield Robbie Williams George Michael Craig David Gareth Gates Ant and Dec

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