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  1. Can I just add that the committee members are not as open as they like you to think. I have offered my support to the committee to get involved into gay pride event and the impression I got was they are very clicky and cheery pick there elected members.
  2. I thought it was free parking at the weekends to encourage people to shop in the city centre but its not because i got a parking ticket crrr!. However from now on i will stick to shopping at Meadowhall where you can park for free!
  3. Just to add i use to work for Tesco and it was great place to work, however that were many years ago and things may have changed since then.
  4. Sodding Tesco or not everyone is entitled to make there opinion about the new store. Although I think your spot on about the management post which none are locally employed! hmmm??
  5. I’ve been in the new store and it seems ok although there aren’t a lot of checkouts for the size of the store. However I won’t be shopping there often because its a lot of messing about getting into the store when you only want to buy bread or milk and Tesco is expensive.
  6. The reason i asked your point because i didn’t want to assume your point, anyway i have no control over the traffic on the main road (good point), however the pub is located in an residential area therefore the new owners or land lord should have consideration for the residence living in the area. The city council or the licence’s has zero tolerance of complaints of loud music or inappropriate behaviour from customers therefore it would be of interest for the new owner to be on side with the community.
  7. The pub was there before I moved into the area what’s you’re point? ….
  8. Sorry to be a kill joy but I for one am not looking forward to the Sheaf opening because some land lords don’t have any consideration for residence that live in the area. The last land was fine but the one before was very ignorant and inconsiderate of the residence. However I prepared to give people a chance and the benefit of doubt lets hope this new owner is considerate.
  9. Although I was working at the pride event and despite the poor weather I have to admit I had a good time and it seemed to be getting better.
  10. I heard an advertisement on real radio for Leeds Pride, look Leeds organiser have got there act together! ... take not Sheffield Pride organisers
  11. Good night out @ Climax on Friday the music was surprisingly good but ended up @ Dempseys which was ok from what I can remember.
  12. Thanks for that Tyranna looking forward to it, also i'm brining a few work mates i hope they enjoy it.
  13. Goin to Cliamx this Friday ive not been over a yr does anyone know what it like these days?
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