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  1. sorry its took so long 2 reply back to you been really busy i would say that i was going to the youthy in the 90's had some great times there
  2. Hiya markster this is ur cousin lindsay, christines daughter i think that the last time that i saw u i was just a little girl i have 2 kids myself now, mum and rest of family o.k how r things ur end love 2 here from u x:hihi:
  3. just rang me mum and she says hello back them were the good days. Brenda doin ok once i have got my mum sorted out with the internet i'll get her to reply back to you
  4. My mum is christine crapper well her name is now carter she lives in Hackenthorpe, sheffield, and adelle is my aunty
  5. my dad and his brothers and sisters used 2 live on the manor estate not quite sure where though, there surname is carter anybody know them?
  6. does that mean private message if so for some reason it won't let me get 2 it
  7. very well wayne comes up 2 the centre while i'm working and shane used 2 come round alot when khalid was alive know there mum and dad neil goes next door 2 jimmys and becky used 2 work with caroline wot a small world this is
  8. i also used 2 go to carterlodge youth club how long ago would u roughly say?
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