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  1. For those who remember her, my 18 year old dog Lassie passed to Rainbow Bridge on the 1st of August 2013. To say we are devastated would be an understatement. The house is so quiet without her, our lives revolved around her. We noticed she was slowing down, and was thankful for every good day she had, but unfortunately, those days became less and less. Her kidneys started to fail, and she started to wet herself which the look on her face told us she was embarrassed and tired out. Please, if you have a dog, give him or her an extra cuddle, from us. Lassie, I'll love and miss you always babygirl xxx
  2. Poor Jackie. I knew about it earlier, but thought Id let someone else confirm it. She did so many good things. Hope all the cats get new homes. Rest easy Jackie R.I.P X
  3. It still seems like yesterday to me. has anyone got any ideas on how I could get hold of a photo of Peter? I cant remember if there was one of him when the story was published in the Sheffield Star.
  4. Well done Denise Im stopping tomorrow-with patches and willpower. Im not able to have tablets because of medication Im on.
  5. Yes he did do you remember his brother Michael?
  6. Could a mod please close this thread for me. Ive said goodbye to everyone that matters, and the lousy people who have trolled my thread can get lost, I have a good life so no attention seeking is necessary, which cant be said for low life, heartless people like yourselves. thats all the energy Im going to use on trollers like you and one of the reasons Im leaving. Please close the thread, thanks.
  7. Ive decided Im leaving the forum, relunctantly I may add. I recently commented on a thread namely 'What has happened in Fir Vale?', and I got slated for my opinion. My comments, I feel, were valid as I live near the area. I was not listening to 'rumour' or judgemental, that was the official information that the City taxi driver was given and told to tell customers. The thread was closed so I wasnt able to comment, or defend my comments to those who were rude to what I had written. So Im off. This is not a 'strop' or anything like that, Im too ill at the moment to be 'spoken' to like that A big thank you to certain Forum members who have been great, funny and informative since Ive been here, T.T.F.N LL x
  8. The City Taxi driver I got earlier said that their information was that there was a shooting. Down there is getting worse with assaults, stabbings and shootings, the police need to get a hold on the situation soon and sort it out before it gets worse imo.
  9. It was a brilliant day, really enjoyed it, look forward to the next one
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