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  1. The White Swan Dronfield (free) http://www.rainbowbmw.com/Swan/
  2. With the Rangers https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/parks-woodlands--countryside/gettinginvolved/volunteering.html
  3. Been away in mine since November last year, it's great and warmer than my house ever was, been snowed-in quite a few times though
  4. Still some at the Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods (old Sawmill) Abbey Lane, S7 2QZ.
  5. Thanks for all replies, yes that’s how I read it as well, just that some of my friends think it should be counter signed as well. So yes! I’m just going to send it as it is. Thanks
  6. Just double checking really! The way I read it: is unless I’ve changed drastically apart from ageing I don’t need to get my renewal passport photo counter signed. Is that right?
  7. I know the question comes up quite a bit, this might be of some help? that I have come across. http://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/dms-connect/search?dms=1&at=cp
  8. The White Swan Dronfield on Tuesday nights Jam Night "is a good night"
  9. Hi, I won 2 tickets through work today for the Texas Gig and I have to pick them up tomorrow night I’m asking around my friends if anyone want to go with me but I don’t know what time it starts and finishes, anyone on here know?
  10. Here you go:- http://pp.mx5oc.co.uk/
  11. Well deserved win. Congratulations Wigan
  12. You could try joining a motorcycle club / forum (most are free membership) that have camping meets. Most meets are on unofficial campsites with a temporary camping permit and rules tend to be quite relaxed but not stupidly unsafe, if your child was sensibly supervised and was well away from tents, caravans, bikes, cars and other children/adults playing etc, etc I don’t’ think it would be a problem with your child riding a small bike. My family (wife, kids, grand kids & friends) attend a bikers “BASH” yearly, we all have a great time what with it been a very friendly atmosphere grate fun if your outgoing and join in, they tend to go a little like this If that’s any help?
  13. It might say no visitors but there is a public footpath that go's right through the middle of the site But on the other hand you do get that quite a lot "no visitors" or an extra charge for them on campsites.
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