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  1. Shefflex, I believe was on Rutland Rd about halfway down on left hand side, we used to have Shefflex lorries on the bins, they were notorious for throwing the bins over the top of the lorry
  2. Rehome or Sale? rehome Reason for Rehome / Sale cannot look after them anymore Sale Amount free Location S13 Type of bird to Rehome / Sell ducks With or Without Cage? without Is the bird hand tame Age & Sex 1 male 2 female Colour brown Live in / out out Any Current or Historical Health Issues none Temperament Any special knowledge needed General Information you can share _______
  3. it;s come up on mine ---------- Post added 20-11-2017 at 11:03 ---------- it;s come up on mine
  4. Carol, that's it memory keeps going blank, lol, yes they lived next door to my Grandma, Ada Hudson , I lived 6 doors down, Kenny used to live round corner from me , Richmond, but I know he moved, he also married one of the Morgans who lived next door to my wife, Josie
  5. a Kenny Sheldon lived in the next yard to me in Grimesthorpe, he had two sisters, one was Maureen, the older one wont come to mind at moment,
  6. would that be the picture of the re-opening with the football players? yes we were the first managers in there, as it was always a tenancy before, we were in about 4 yrs, after moving from The Roman Ridge, and after Arbour we went in Timbertop ps that photo comes a lot inthe Star retro, it is also the first picture in a book called Sheffield landlords and Landladies
  7. correct, The Crown was on the left, the shop on the right was Dougies barber shop
  8. Would that have been the "Turleys" They used to have the shop at the corner of Bland St and Carlisle Rd,then moved there, I used to knockabout with their son Graham
  9. Would that have been the "Turleys" They used to have the shop at the corner of Bland St and Carlisle Rd,then moved there, I used to knockabout with their son Graham
  10. as far as I remember Sheila, it was a fruit and veg, the wet fish shop was between the vic and collins shop
  11. can#t find that one, but found " What's at the top of a sunbeam" if that#s any help
  12. think you might mean Keith & Trevor Lemm, sadly Keith passed away a couple of weeks ago, I used to be at school with Robert Prescott
  13. Barry Atkinsons funeral is at Grenoside 11-30 on Friday 30th December
  14. Just a word, my cousin Barry Atkinson, late of Lincoln Place, passed away last night at the age of 68, Godbless, always remembered
  15. The last I saw of it was athttps://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.4073299,-1.4466609,85m/data=!3m1!1e3 owler lane [n the middle of the island in the school
  16. You have to go to Howden House, or do it on-line
  17. yes, he lived in same yard as me, he was Lincoln Place, I was Bland St, we also knocked about together on scooters, our group was called "The Untouchables"
  18. Harry Fentons, chapel walk, went there for all the mod clothes early 60s. Also The Army and Navy stores to buy parkas
  19. Joe Cocker was a regular in the 60s at the weekly talent nights, I was landlord there in the early 80s, I was the first manager to take it after it being a tenancy, they completely refurbished it soon after I took it,
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