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  1. http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/update/2015-10-29/teenager-stabbed-in-sheffield-robbery/
  2. Someone was stabbed.. They are ok as far as i know.
  3. Please be vigilant in the area.. A big gang just ran down the middle of our rd and adjoining rd shouting and kicking wing mirrors off cars as they ran past them.. This was on the roads near swfc.. They were very quick so didnt get a good look.. Just heard shouting then the sound of broken glass so jumped up but just saw the back of them. Some had already gone around the corner so don't know how many there was. :-/
  4. Lol Presley... There's always one :-) ---------- Post added 29-07-2013 at 17:22 ---------- I should imagine that you would have to take it.. But again ive no idea :-/
  5. I have no idea.. Like i said, ive never known it before so not a clue.. It's good because a lot of people drive round with really bad eyes but it just took me by surprise and i wondered what happens?
  6. Hubby just got home from work and has been pulled by police near radio hallam doing on the spot eye test ( reading a number plate) Ive never known this before.. His were perfect and mine are ok as ive recently had new glasses but i just wondered if anyone knew what happens if ppl fail? Ive been driving 30 yrs and never known them do it before.. He said there was four police cars all pulled up.. One stopped him to ask if he gets them checked then he sent him over to a collegue to have them tested.... Apparently they were stopping every car.
  7. We have just come away from here and was so disappointed. It used to be a fantastic market which took few hrs to walk round. We did it in about half an hour today and bought nothing at all.. :-(
  8. I had fish and chips from meadowhead chippy for first time last week. Its the opp end of town for me but was on my way to visit mum-in-law and called for some dinner on the way.. Must say, i really enjoyed them. Nice crispy batter just the way i like it! Just wish they were closer to me.. Very nice!
  9. I was ok as i only have a 16hr a week job which is just above minimum wage.. I havent received my jury service pay yet so hoping ive not lost out altho i should be ok.
  10. I have just finished jury service and can say I really enjoyed it.. When i got the letter, i kept think how i could try and get out of it because i was quite nervous which i suppose is just fear of the unknown. I'm now so glad that i did it and would definately like to do it again so if you get a letter, do not worry, just go along and enjoy the experience... I suppose it could be different if you have a very upsetting case. I only had the one which lasted 4 days and the rest of my time was just sat around chatting to the other jurors who i got to know. Everyone was really friendly (staff and jurors) i even looked at usher jobs on the website after as they were needing two so i cant believe how i felt when i first got the letter to how i feel about it now.. I know we are all different but you won't know until you have a go. I hope those of you that would love to do it get the letter that you have been waiting for! .
  11. Would like to try it, http://www.darbaarsheffield.co.uk/
  12. Story from the star..... http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/local/car-smashes-into-bus-stop-1-4702451
  13. Anyone who fancies their haircut at Headlines then take advantage of this offer. http://livingsocial.com/deals/35496-haircut-blow-dry-and-deep-conditioning-treatment?msdc_id=222&ref=Deal052611_222_2238email You will have to buy this now but have till Nov to go to headlines If this link doesnt work then just type in livingsocial.com and look for sheffield offers...
  14. I hope he's ok too. The street is cordoned off and a policeman is stood on the corner so it looks serious..
  15. I have posted on FB but would still like to send Litha my love & best wishes for a speedy recovery..Hurry and get well my love,i miss your late night banter.xx
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