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  1. Thanks for all the responses - job has been completed now.
  2. Sorry went pretty much straight away!
  3. Hi - 5 1/2 rolls spare from today - overestimated slightly! Free to the first to reply. Pick up from S11 ---------- Post added 18-05-2013 at 20:37 ---------- Gone now, thanks!
  4. Hi I have some overhanging branches from a fairly large tree that need removing (we have tree owners permission). Looking to hire a tree surgeon to undertake the work and wondered if anyone could recommend one. We are on a tight budget so cost will be a factor. I am available to assist with the labour. Many thanks Andy
  5. Seconded. I have also found the longer away you book a shoot, the more likely it is to be cancelled (probably at short notice)! I have now started casting for specific dates within a 2 week period and am having much more success - although the snow caused havoc last week
  6. Ive heard George Barnsley Cornish Works is accessible but never been down to try - any advice anyone?
  7. Hi Simone Great portfolio, would be more than happy to take some shots - have added you on modelmayhem - ajamesphotography Just drop me a message Andy
  8. Thanks Lolly - doesn't seem to be that many recently active in Sheffield though... As i say, Starnow really saved the day on this one. Had 30 applicants and had to end the listing because there's no way i have the time to work with everyone! Had a couple of cancellations mind, although that was expected as there is no financial incentive (yet)! So what sort of stuff do you do? Are you in front of or behind the lens?
  9. Also Star Now - got almost 20 responses within a week The problem i had with mm & ps was that you needed to have a good selection of work to start a profile and be accepted to the site. As a beginner i didn't meet their requirements
  10. I'm just looking to work with people in general to build up experience. I have had quite a big response from a different site and have 10 TFCD shoots booked in up until March so should have plenty of images to share! ---------- Post added 08-01-2013 at 21:05 ---------- Great Flickr page Eric Pretty much booked up until March now but we could do something in the spring?
  11. Thanks for the comments guys - i have taken the images down though as i didn't intend for this thread to become a critique/discussion! I will post some more of my work in a new thread for comment Thanks again.
  12. Check out my flickr set - "Location" Pm me if you want any more details. Andy
  13. I have taken the images down as this thread was not meant as a critique.
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