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  1. Hi glenn just been told next reunion at attercliffe libs will be on Saturday 14th November r All the best Pete
  2. hya Linda thanks for your message Glen has emailed me as well sorry I don't have any contact details of Elvin Smith I believe he lived near the rising sun at Brightside and wondered if anyone on here could help locate him. thanks Pete
  3. Hi linda thanks for messages I went to school with john townsend glenn pickard and john rawson , I keep in touch with glenn by e mail not seen john townsend for probably 30 years .he worked for a big car dealership in sheffield .his mum and dad had a pub at tinsley . Sorry don't know how you could contact him pete
  4. Glen I have sent you a private message ---------- Post added 20-12-2014 at 19:37 ----------
  5. join facebook and in search bar put Attercliffe and darnall in then ask to be added
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151966974912354&set=oa.528465860571964&type=1&theater you may have to sign in to facebook its on Attercliffe and darnall
  7. i remember you going to sainsburys sent a pal of mine stayed till he retired must have been ok job . and no i dont get to hillsboro much these days once last season more arm chair supporter. good to hear from you . pete
  8. yes i remember you johnnie did you go on to work at sainsburys ---------- Post added 20-06-2013 at 22:07 ---------- yes that was me Tony sadly passed away 6-7 years ago
  9. yes thats me ran out of concast at templeborough ,whats your name
  10. my name is pete your dad used to give me a lift to and from tinsley 1981-82 in his mini bus :)i live near darnall
  11. i knew your dad quite well when he was shunting at tinsley park for thorpes i worked for truswells used to do the night shunt from time to time top man we had some good times even though it was 12 hours non stop hard work especially those long winter nights
  12. handsworth boys under 9s ( y3s )trials wednesday 5th june at olivers mount handsworth 5.30 pm all welcome to trial .see Andy or Pete * ( HANDSWORTH ) ---------- Post added 06-06-2013 at 20:36 ---------- Handsworth still looking for boys under 9s ( y3s ) all welcome for trials 6-7.30pm 12th june see Andy or Pete ---------- Post added 07-06-2013 at 15:21 ----------
  13. my husband knew patrick and his family he lived opposite him on newhall rd ,if you go on picture sheffield under newhall road there is a picture of the paper shop where your dad lived and the derelict house which blew up this is on page 6
  14. there is pat, terry. rita, pete, jackie longley they lived at 14 newhall road and remember the jows:)
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