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  1. any one know where i cang et a new psp face put in as mines scratched really badly
  2. yeah i know what he meant, he just sed it in a different way
  3. yeah well the ones in sheffield are muslims, cause i know quite a few of em
  4. well to be honest atleast am better than you im not as sad as u sittin on a computer ****in everyones thread up nice one bet your parents are right proud of you
  5. woah woah woah.... im a teen lol but i dont go like that thats just steriotypical there
  6. im looking for a job get back to me if you want
  7. ermm bowling club on nether edge road thats a pretty good start
  8. gamestation had 6 saw them todai n all preowned for £129.99 and new ones
  9. if i was you dont bother my friend did it and it put him behind massivle and now he is behind 2 whole years int he long run its a waste of time
  10. ermm technicar on abbeydale road mate theyre really good my brother had a great one installed works all the time never failed they rob anything valuable?
  11. dont get contract mate they offer you good contracts while u have bad credit history but they cripple you and charge you wayy more and if your out for evenb one sec theyl screw you up
  12. DJ double N mate his really good and his on the forum somewhere
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