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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of any carboots in and around Sheffield for 2019 yet please?
  2. Hi, Anyone know of any carboot sales on tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) please?
  3. Hi, Does anyone know somewhere I can get party eyelash extensions put on please? I am not looking to top them up each month at this stage, it is just for a couple of nights out and I am hopeless trying to stick false eyelashes on myself I am thinking Sheffield City Centre area, or Handsworth or Ecclesall / Dore & Totley. many thanks
  4. Are there any car boots this Sunday 19th please ?
  5. Hi, Does anyone know any good car boot sales that have started this year please? I know Chesterfield is on but not sure if Doncaster is on or any in & around Sheffield? xx
  6. I just called Twin Oaks and it is definitely cancelled for today (16/04/2016) but hopefully back on next week xxx Does anyone know of any other car boots today that are taking place please?
  7. Hi, Still no luck unfortunately, even to load one photo and I see that other people are having the sam problem..... I will sell my stuff on gumtree as there is no problems there - but thatnk you to the people who took the time out to reply Suzie x
  8. I can load my photos onto ebay and Gumtree but not Sheffieldforum???
  9. Hi, Anyone been to Smoke restaurant? Is it any good?
  10. I can not load any of my photos of items I have to sell on Sheffieldforum....anyone got any advice please? Suzie x
  11. Yes I remember the Wellington Street Car Boot and I did attend - I was sad that it didn't take off too - I do support local car boots!!!!!!!!
  12. I went along to this car boot yesterday, unfortunately there were no signs to show where it was exactly was so it took a bit of wandering around like a lost soul ( I met quite a few other people looking for it along the way but most of them gave up and went home). I eventually found it but unfortunately there was only four or five stalls which is such a shame as it is time there was a large car boot in Sheffield City centre like there used to be behind the Holiday Inn hotel Sadly I don't think this car boot will really take off as it is only once a month and not a very big area...... Wish we could have a large successful car boot in Sheffield City Centre though!!!! ---------- Post added 14-07-2014 at 10:17 ---------- Hi, Does anyone know if the Killamarsh Car Boot is on this year on Saturdays please?
  13. Is this at Norton Roundabout please?
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