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  1. Anyone have any information regarding The Sheffield Goldsmiths Company. It did have premises on High Street then moved to Fargate / Chapel Walk and ceased trading in about 1952. I know there is a current company of the same name but wanted any information on the original one. Thanks in advance
  2. Zac..... Still waiting for you to start the job you were supposed to start on 9th September. I've been waiting in but will have to go out soon as its been nearly 2 months...............
  3. Had a metal detector bought for my birthday. Anyone do it? Any tips etc welcome Thanks in advance
  4. At the moment I have one halogen outdoor light as well as a led porch light that is connected to a normal light switch in the kitchen that turns them both on/off. I wanted to replace the halogen one to an LED and to run another 2-3 LED's along the same wall from the existing halogen one. Happy for them all to run off the single existing switch. Is it ok to do this or would it need something else???
  5. Would love to recommend you but the work you promised to start today does not seem to be happening and the scaffolding was not installed over the weekend as promised. I have sent you a couple of texts asking what is happening but no reply. If you would like to update me on here please I would appreciate it.
  6. Went and bought some last week from the antiques quarter. Better prices and lots of cased Made in Sheffield silver & stainless cutlery about. Quality seems better than the more recent stuff. Saw some nice sets in Sheffield Antiques Centre, Langtons and Antiques Emporium and prices were similar in all.
  7. Anyone fitted it? Any good?
  8. Anyone had one fitted? any advice or recommendations as to what make / model etc. Thanks
  9. The boiler, a Potterton Gold combi is playing up. Its losing pressure somewhere and fault code E19 is flashing. The water pressure indicator shows less than 0.5 bar. Its easy enough to restart it as I just let more water into the system and fire it up again. In the long term is the problem easily solved as its happening every time I come to switch the heating on? Thanks in advance
  10. Just installed it last week under vinyl tiles in the kitchen. Bought 5sq m at £180 from Ambient electrical. Easy to fit and its made a massive difference to an open cold kitchen. Never had it before but would definitely recommend it.
  11. Took a white gold charm bracelet to Chapel Jewellers last week that I bought my mum from a reputable jewellers a few years ago. The lad in the shop took it in the back to test and came back saying they weren't interested as it was gold plated. I had a look and it was fully hallmarked by Sheffield assay office and told him where I bought it from. He told me to ignore the hallmarks as 'you can buy hallmarking stuff off ebay' and he was quite rude. I was taken aback so took it somewhere else who tested it (as 9ct gold plus one 18ct charm) and paid me £210 scrap value. I've also had a look on ebay and whilst you can buy stamps that mark metal as 9ct there is no way anyone can sell assay office marking equipment. Strange and I don't think I will bother Chapel again.
  12. Priority is the key. They have done all the roads on our estate at Owlthorpe which to be honest was not required and are not frequently used whilst ignoring terrible roads such as Main Street at Hackenthorpe which is shocking and just around the corner. I also went to Chesterfield Rd through Albert Rd, Valley Road and there must be 50-60 deep potholes on each. I can only presume there is a reason why the worst are not getting done first.
  13. Need to get a message to Jean Taff / Garlick aged 77-78. If anyone knows her could they please PM me. Thanks
  14. Mod note If seeking a tradesman to do a specific job, please advertise that job in the classifieds under 'jobs'. This section is not for advertising. Thank you.
  15. The Emporium is on Clyde Rd which is just off Broadfield Road. I think it used to be a gas showroom place a few years ago.
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