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  1. Hello guys, Could you give me advice what to do in the following situation: I have taken 54 hrs of driving lessons with Local Driving School (a lot ) . 30 minutes before my practical test instructor has called me to tell that his car is broken. I would like to get my money back for three driving lessons booked for this day and cost of practical driving test. I wrote a complaint to the school. They called me to tell that I have to solve this problem with my instructor because he is self employed. It is strange that they are not responsible at all. They gave me his number Instructor agreed to return money for two lessons and half of test cost. We have arranged meeting. He didnt appeared but send me a text message that I have to pay him for lessons which were cancelled not within 48 hrs. I am surprised by this fact because lessons were rebooked definitely several days before and I have paid for my lessons apriori, one payment for 10 lessons. As result, I have lost already money with this school but I have to pay 9 pounds to my instructor in addition. Very funny situation. What can I do in this situation ? Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Hi all Does anyone know where can I find a german to english translator with all necessary certificates to translate documents. Thanks!
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