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  1. I am getting married this year in Jamacia & my partner does not want to wear a suit as he said it will be too hot, so does anyone have any ideas as to what he could wear please???????
  2. I was just wondering what everyone else is up to this weekend? I am off to a Beer Festival at the commercial on Station Road in Chapeltown
  3. I always keep clove oil in, its great at numbing the pain and recommended by dentists, Quite a few Boots chemist's stay open til 12am
  4. Have you tried Arnold Clark? I think the only requirement they have is that you have been driving for over 2 years if my memory serves me correct!
  5. Your welcome, We always use them as they have no high deposit to put down and we have always had a good experience with them
  6. Miss Dodds was my form teacher the first year I went to chaucer. Does anyone remember Mr Hawksworth, the CDT teacher who everyone fancied?
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