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  1. season ticket sales will treble by monday afternoon they may even hit double figures
  2. in the days of roger moffet and kelly temple radio hallam (as it was known then) was the DB's:cool:
  3. watching the game last night it brought back an old joke that made me chuckle a few years ago what has michael jackson got in common with chris woods? they both ware gloves for no apparent reason :hihi::hihi:
  4. can't beat skeggy for a bit of romance
  5. Parson X Owl,Sheffield 01/08/2008 11:20:51 I have to say that over 18,700 season tickets sold is an excellent figure for the Blades, which should result in you averaging over 26,000 per game, over the full season. Your club and especially your chairman, Kevin McCabe has to be applauded for the professional way in which they approach their task. Very impressive!! I just wish that my club had such a tremendous businessman in charge, who has the same passion, enthusiasm and ambition for the team to do well, both on and off the pitch. I can see the Blades going up this season, but the Owls will struggle again, due to the muppets in charge down in S6.
  6. radio sheffield all the way for me,the toby foster show is good and sometimes he's even on it..not very often i know but steve whites a good stand in:thumbsup:
  7. the only thing toby foster and terry wogan is they both seem to constantly be on holiday
  8. mark i listened to your interview and i was nearly in tears mate,i had my son in the car and it just made me see what a lucky person i am to have my boy fit and healthy, i really did feel for you mate and i could tell from your voice what pain you and your partner are going through, me and my lad will be coming to your football game to give our support
  9. coldseal are still very much in business but under a different name,i recently had some work done by an excellent company called class windows and the fella in charge told me they have had 2-3 differnt names since they went "bust" he did tell me the names but i forget what they were.
  10. being a window cleaner i am yet to hear anything good about safestyle from any of my customers over the years i have heard nothing but bad reports about them,one of my customers told me about a company called burntwood when i needed some work doing her windows were done by them and looked well.i had 2 doors and a window done and they did a marvlous job,we are having them back to do some more.the salesman was called pablo and he's a top fella.i think they are based in the rotherham area.
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