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  1. Is here anywhere in Sheffield to hire a nice reception room for a party? I know there is an old thread with some suggestions in, but it is from like 2012. Looking for around 150 people to be accommodated in early Feb. Any recommendations?
  2. Yeah, he ended up there. They were very useful and helpful!
  3. My dad managed to get a job the other week after being laid off a few months ago, he went to meetings every week with the jobcentre who told him he couldn't apply for 'Labour jobs' after working 30 years in the labour trade...Anyway, when he finally got a job (not through them) he went to print off his CV for it and they would allow him to do it because of 'costs'. Yet they were happy to print off endless slips about jobs in retail that he couldn't get due to lack of experience in that area. Never seen so much crap in my life.
  4. You do know that is a myth right? If radiation came out of mobile phones the BILLIONS of users would have some form of cancer, most likely tumours, since there is NO CORRELATION between these two there is no cause for any alarm. Genuinely thought that this in-factual 'science' had died down now. Why is it still around?
  5. Sex and the city - but for entirely different reasons....
  6. I don't have sky. Anyone know where I can watch it?
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