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  1. Mind if we exchange names and dates. My email is chop32@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Wow, thats my great great grandfather your talking about(George Maw). A relative traced his line back to William Maw his son. I'm from a brother John(Jack) Maw. Tinsley Park Cemetary you say, any idea where abouts?
  3. Yes I have tried facebook but there are litrally hundreds of Maws on that. Only a small fraction would be related. Im thinking there will be a hell of a lot less i Sheffield and be easier to tie up tomy spreadsheet
  4. I am currently tracing back my family and there are lots of branches of the Maw family that I don't know about. I would be grateful to any Maw's out there or people who know of Maw's in Sheffield, who could pass on wht they know of their ancestry. I won't be related to all but I'm sure I can find a connection to some of them. Of course I will share all the information I have.
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