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  1. Ditto. Do not pay upfront ! ---------- Post added 25-01-2013 at 17:51 ---------- This is the builder who walked off with my money. DO NOT PAY UPFRONT !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Don't pay anything upfront, I got stung by you know you !
  3. Try KCB Bakery, Owler Lane/Barnsley road just next to Tesco Express.
  4. Don't pay anything up front ! I did this, and Mark Cashin aka Cashin Construction walked off with my money.
  5. They are very bad, but they are doing them slowly and will take time. Fitzwilliam street and Shoreham street ( near Radio Sheffield ) done. Rockingham Street needs doing urgently.
  6. Basically he is saying that putting a willie up your bum is not natural. Would anyone like a willie up their bum >
  7. + 1, also have you seen all the people, they look very ill / depressed.
  8. Be a goodee two shoes, pick up the phone and ring the police.
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