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  1. Joe says thanks Mary,makes me feel very old.
  2. Four today Hannah hope you have a lovely day,don"t forget to come and feed the hens soon:thumbsup:love sue:hihi:
  3. HI Mr BUSMAN Ithink the roads would be a happier place if you never drove a bus/car/anything again! shebba
  4. yours sounds great think we will just help you to eat yours:hihi: shebba
  5. :thumbsup:HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIERON:thumbsup: Hope you have a great day,enjoy your driving lesson:help: shebba
  6. Hi yan PM you earlier, have you any news? shebba
  7. be careful what is said about keeping a dog with a kennel outside.The RSPCA refused to let us adopt after filling in the adoption form .We put the dog would be living in the house with us but also have a very large run in our garden with a kennel in it,the man dealing with us said we would not be able to adopt any animal from them again as it was against RSPCApolicy to kennel a dog outside.No amount of talking to him to assure him we did not wish the dog to live outside would satisfy him. He would not even arrange a home visit.This was about six years ago so maybe it has changed.We since got a lovely dog from elsewhere who loves to be either outside or inside.
  8. when our snake went missing we put a trail of talc round doors,radiators ect so we could tell if he was about may sound daft but it worked .good luck shebba:idea:
  9. i worked at Fairthorn(Home Farm Trust) from 1976-1988.Any names would be nice to hear from you.B. Lever was one i would like to find cheers shebba:)
  10. Sheffield council do let you know that all letters eithar eor or against will be shown. shebba
  11. Hi strix if you go on the councils planning site 05/04573/FUL you will see what they are proposing .we too walk down tha road,obviosly ,i am not in favour of the proposed development perhaps if it did not stretch over such a long area it might be bette .Ben Bailey would probably say to build less would not be cost effective,but should developers get away with having planning granted for this reason off the soapbox now but just in case any one thinks i am a n.i.m.b.y. This is not the case
  12. No not much of a sweetner.Did you live at Woodhouse alchresearch, going back afew years to remember Zoe s horse.How about peter pan? shebba
  13. yes starting from the top of Junction Road straight down to the signal box.Soon there will be no open spaces left in this side of Sheffield.Perhaps it would be a reasonable idea for Sheffield planning department to hold back on any decision and see how things go when the retirement village is up and running. shebba
  14. Hi strix yes you are right the scrapyard is part of the area they are applying to develop on,but it is only a very small part of it.Perhaps folk might have different ideas about the application now they can see what a visual impact the retirement village has. Junction Road was re-surfaced by Net Work Rail last year may be i am cynical but possibly a sweetner to get locals to be a little sympathetic for their planning application?Yes youre right again some idiots do race up and down unfortunatley their are idiots everywhere.
  15. Hi happylady not against the idea of the retirement village just think the building is to high not what i wish to see in a village.what i was objecting to on the forum is the size of the planning application going down Junction Road.It has a greenbelt corridor through the middle of it.Lots of wildlife ,ect ect.If you are against Net Work Rail hope you have objected ,have you seen stop them in their tracks web site.They are working realy hard to get it stopped. Shebba
  16. The rural nature of Junction Road Woodhouse is under threat again from a property developer. Amended plans for the erection of 52 houses and 35 flats (3 and 4 story connected block) down the left hand side of Junction road. From the 52 bus terminus right down to the signal box. With the development of Soap House Lane and the imminent opening of the incongrous retirement 'village'. I consider this are of Woodhouse has had sufficient residential development recently, how do others from Woodhouse or anywhere feel? Shebba:confused:
  17. Hi dont know if this will help but social services have a scheme called Adult Family Placements,they provide a range of help it could be someone befriending,or day care toregular respite. They are very good to begin with they arrange a visit and take it slowly till all get to feel comfortable with each other.This would also let you have some time for yourself.The person who will look after your relative are not social workers but have completed all training and C.R.B.checked .I have been doing this for afew years now and think its a great idea.Hope this helps. Shebba
  18. My late aunt taught there her name was Bertha Pearson Shebba:
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