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  1. very welcome amanda,&thank you for making us realise it was time we had another holiday there. shebba
  2. Does anyone remember Fairthorn when Home Farm Trust took it over?Or anyone work there then? shebba
  3. Hi cigy &amanda, we are now at New England Bay, having great time ,7 years since last here little has changed.Shame the pub at Port Logan shut down. Back home tomorrow.
  4. Strix, your post is far to sensible!!!!Alot of the problem will be they have to adhere to rules & can't make allowances. shebba
  5. Thankyou Cat86 for the recommendation,hopefully we will have spare hen eggs next time your grandad calls. Regards shebba
  6. Hi Tony, we didnt stay for the auction at 2 pm, as no chest freezers in it. shebba
  7. Went to warehouse this morning,the t.v good prices,but no big chest frezzers. worth a visit but obviously 'pot luck' what they have in. shebba
  8. Will let you knowwhats it like tomorrow when we have been. shebba
  9. Thankyou Tony, thats the one. shebba
  10. Hello all, i have been told about a warehouse near Chesterfield on an industrial unit that sells electrical appliances at discount prices, they do have scratches or out of date models.The problem being they can't remember name of shop or address, does anyone know of this place. Thankyou for any help which may be given. shebba
  11. great for dogs, plenty of beaches, or woodland walks many places are secluded so no problem to let them off the lead, shebba
  12. Hi wendy 222 sorry we don't deliver ,we are at s13 if thats any help? Regards shebba
  13. Hi i have read my post & it looks as if i have just bought to many eggs. The eggs are from our own free range hens & ducks.thankyou
  14. we have afew surplus duck eggs for sale £2.00 a dozen,we are in s13.for anyone interested. shebba
  15. Hi do you mean the site or places around?
  16. not stayed at that site for about 10 years ,but love all the places around there,ie Drunmore,Port Logan,Port patrick very nice if you have children especially when its 'lifeboat week. We love the c.l. at Port Logan. shebba
  17. thankyou for moving back to Sheffield Discussions.
  18. Would it be possible to have original thread returned to Sheffield Discussions ?So more folk would see it. Thankyou shebba
  19. very nice photos,dont tell Kevin H,but i think you have a better "eye" than him!
  20. I consider 310 homes in one square kilometer of the 1075 proposed for the whole city (approx 360 square kilometers) to be an unfair allocation.
  21. Hello All, Should the eastern fringe of Woodhouse have to bear the burden of over a third of the potential additional houses for the entire city? Should our green open spaces be built on because developers dont want to use inner city brownfield sites? Should the Council renege on its policy of protecting this area from development and jepodise the ongoing community based enviromental improvement programme ? Should agricultural land be built on when more sustainable greenfield sites are available locally? Please take time to look at what the Council is proposing for the area either on its website-www.sheffield.gov.uk/sdfconsult or paper copies at the library.A drop-in consultation event will take place at Woodhouse Library on Friday 3rd of February from 10- 12.30 and 1.30 - 7.30. Dont let apathy rule,let your views be known (before 27 th of February) its your land and its your Council. Thankyou shebba
  22. thankyou to everyone who has replied we believe this is a national company But seeing as no one has heard of them i wonder if they subcontract to other builders.We may have a rethink Thanks again. .
  23. Hello we are thinking of using "uk roofing" at Tinsley, has anyone used this firm & would they recommend them.Thanks for any replies.
  24. Hello, looking for members of staff who worked at"Fairthorn H.F.T.""between 1978 till 1990 just interested in what you all up to now. 2
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