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  1. escafeld closed down,cos e wunt tattoo babies so r you on about mr personality?
  2. only havin a bit a fun at your expence mardy bum how come u can make 32 posts soon to b 33 ye n i can only post 8 of these:gag::gag::gag::gag::gag:should change ya name to thou art mardy bum . co. uk
  3. can any one help im tryin to get on a tattoo forom but i keep gettin on to thou arts free add page.:gag::gag::gag::gag:how come you can only put on 8 icons on ere but thou art can fill up these pages with self promoting adverts yes some spelling mistakees but im from attercliffe
  4. we subscribed too virgin now, pictures rubbish down here
  5. does anyone know where i can buy a single wire sky dish? second hand or new
  6. some of my tattoos r on that site their not eek.
  7. mick wigfield is better than personality and scorpion hes gonna see em both on dole!!!!!
  8. pantonic did do a gig in sheffield on the 16th so yes it was.
  9. i agree with speeding isnt always dangerous. 37 mph on penistone road/ rutland road. three lanes. and i havnt seen no kids trying to cross. 30 mph on there is just stupid. especially if you go the other way and up herries road it changes to 40 when you get to the housing estates and blind bends.
  10. it all depends when u got caught as this test only came in about august 2007. i just missed out on it by a month after getting done by a mobile camera. i since got caught again on penistone road/bottom rutland road and found out it only applies to first 3 points.
  11. whats happened on farliegh tonight
  12. thats cos it merged with st peters and so became all saints
  13. i used to go to that school and st caths before that but then st caths was on andover street. mucky old thing lol
  14. if its tipton street dont bother moving in unless your a dealer or very large and can punch people
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