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  1. I can only remember Granelli's - and I can taste their ice cream now, some 45+ years on.
  2. Hi Ray. Well, it's only been about 42 years hasn't it?! Hope you're well. I really don't remember St. James Youth Club on Scott Road, although I remember the name - whereabouts was it? I do remember Duncan and the guys I mentioned but I thought that was at St. Catherines? Thinking back, I vaguely think that we used to go somewhere else before we started going to St. Catherines so presumably that was St. James?? How's your brother Peter?
  3. Why was he born so beautiful Why was he born at all He's no bloody use to anyone He's no bloody use at all
  4. We called Smith's field 'Smickies' and we used to search for marbles in a company's ash tip at the bottom of the field.
  5. Pull a little handle Chu … chu … chu … and away we go down by the sea where melons grow back to my home I dare not go for if I do my mother will say I'VE BEEN OUT WITH POP MO' LIZZIE ALL DAY
  6. Mary Ellen at the church turned up Her dad turned up and her mam turned up Her sister Gert, and her rich uncle Bert Parson in his long white shirt turned up But no bridegroom with the ring turned up Just a telegram boy with his nose turned up Brought a telegram to say that he didn't want to wed And they found him in the river with his toes turned up
  7. Anyone out there used to go to St. Catherines Youth Club, Burngreave, in the late 60s? Johnny Watson, Dave Shepherd, Ray French, David Wragg, Molly, Linda, Ian?? It was run by a Scot called Duncan. We used to play billiards, table tennis and smoke in the kitchen.
  8. Anyone remember Pepperdine's shop and 'Mrs Collie's' shop on Edgar Street in the mid-fifities? I can still remember the wonderful, distinctive smell the shops had but can't identify the smell - must have been something to do with what they sold in those days - anyone with any ideas?
  9. Too young ? … I remember Mrs Collie the shopkeeper … and Billy Limb the butchers … and Pepperdines … and being the last in the tin bath on a Friday night after everyone else … and the house brick water bottle … and playing on the 'Oller' (I've read it referred to as the 'Wreck' but I always knew it as the 'Oller' (The Hollow) … and Smickies field where you could always find glass marbles in the steelwork waste dumps at the bottom … and the Corner Pin pub … and the outside lavvie with newspaper squares pierced on a nail … and sculpting 'slopdosh' with the steel dust and grime in the kerbside gutters … and much more besides. Happy Days …?!?
  10. Any chance you might know where you saw the photo of Edgar Street? I lived there from '53 to early 60s - I'd love to find a piccy of it. Thanks.
  11. is there anyone out there who lived on - or around Edgar Street, Pitsmoor in the mid fifties to mid sixties? I was born there in 1953. and lived there with my mom and dad at my grandparents' house - George and May Moffatt. I left Sheffield in the early 70s but I know Edgar Street's no longer there.
  12. I was at Firs Hill from '57 to '64 and I remember Mrs Jackson (my first teacher), Mr Cox and Mr Simms. Also Mr Robinson in his bubble car and Mrs Crossley. I also remember an Anita - were you blonde haired and tall at that age?
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