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  1. hehe once went to see terminator 3 wiv my bro n some mates - my bro had had a long day at work and feel asleep during the film. then started to quietly snore - but due to an action sequence i didnt notice. then the sequence ended and errr he carried on to snore louder, so the whole cinema could hear it - it was so funny. he woke up at the end clueless over it with many ppl lafing at him it was great.
  2. i would have slatted the AS/2 before i sat it, but now i like it.it means i know walking in to my final exams i have some marks already gained and i can get away with a lower mark (as its done on average mark). the one thing i dont like is the volue of exams though i have had 13 exams in 2 wks and i still have another 7 left by the end of next week. most pubils seem stressed out by the whole thing - i know i am. i havent time to relax between exams as i have 2hours between exams and then i get home and have to revise for the exams the next day - its crazy noone can be on top form when revisin exhausted and then working again the next day. Ahh well its nearly all over. soon to be free from skool - and instead at uni (If i get the grades) So keep the system ditch a few exams DAVE
  3. Hi im going travelin round europe for a month with andmy rail ticket and i am trying to find some cool places to go off the beaten tourist track, anyone got any good places, anywhere in europe i dont mind i havent got a route planned or anything. any advice is welcome - cheers DAVE
  4. ooooo its a tough one that its gotta b between the classic mini milk and granellis ice cream but its sooo hard to choose, how about a mini milk stuck in a granellis ice cream! problem solved:D DAVE
  5. random mates are cool - i chat to random people on the tram n stuff - its really usuful knowing people outside your usual circle of mates, can get you far in life. about half my mates are people i randomly spoken to at places i have been. does ne1 else find people walkin up to you and chattin to people wrong?i dont i think its cool and wish more people did it, would make the world a more friendly place as generaly most people are friendly if you take the time to speak to them. Sorry ranted on there - DAVE
  6. same topic but does ne1 remember louis T duck of charlie chalk?he ruled! why does every1 hate 80s classics they are still so funny to watch:D
  7. a gals always gotta b shorter than me ( so under 5'ft10), rakes arent arent too gd, and its gota b in proportion, size doesnt matter as long as it looks in place. btw i am a 5,10 ginger hair. y does no1 find ginger hair attractive?
  8. as an 18year old jus havin left the kid stage (ok some o u oldies might disagree but still) i found a quick slap round the head and a good shaming work wonders for me. the shame more than the slap as i got older - embarresment in fron of friends or people they know doest work it just makes them hate you more - but things around the house such as making me go to my room all night for being rude kinda things - my skool had some great punishments for me at skool - they used to make u clear all the garbage up around skool in bright pink gloves - or make u clean all the stuff up in cafeteria whilst whearing an old pair o PE kit it was really embarresing but it work at skool as all kids care about at that age is what their mates think- or for wastin teachers time they wasted yours my making u write pointless stuff like "a story about a day in the life of a piece of dust in a tennis ball" these worked i for me - as if u didnt do it once the size o the thing doubled until on the third attempt u went to the head and parents were called- sounds old fashioned but it worked!
  9. i get £50 a month but that covers everything i do in that month includingt travel to n from skool(a bus and a tram each way), going out wiv mates holidays and nething else i want-as wiv skool i dont really have time for a job if i wont a life -its ltough livin on £5 a wk but its btr than wrkin n having no time! long live the broke student wiv no job!
  10. hey thanks every1 i got my answer to my question - a mate o mine reackons high stors skools got a bunker under the playin field - any one confirm that? sheffields tunnels seem really interesting anyone know a way in?
  11. Thanks for the link to the tunnels site - thats really cool - i always knew sheffield was much more intersting than it looked - about those tunnels an old teacher of mine used to live in an old monestry somewhere in sheffield and she always sed there was a tunnel going from her house to manor castle and sheffield castle - does anyone know if people managed to get in to the tunnels? DAVE
  12. strange question - does anyone know where a nuclear bunker is in sheffield? i saw a tv show on shelters(yes i am sad for watching it) but it got me thinking sheffields a big city so where is its shelters?can anyone help? cheers DAVE
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