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  1. Any mobile hairdressers available about 9-10 ish tomorrow morning in S6?
  2. Yeah I saw that when we went out. Suppose I should be grateful it was 'only' a passenger window. Still, not an expense I, nor anyone needs. I just can't understand some people at all. And then to be smirked at this afternoon by who may have 'allegedly' been involved just makes my blood boil.
  3. My passenger window has been put through again....second NYE on the trot
  4. Was just looking on eBay actually, thank you! :-) May as well list and see what happens. Seems I can get about £120 scrap. x
  5. Hiya guys, I'm looking to scrap my Renault Scenic in the coming weeks, and wondered if anyone knew what kind of price I could expect? It's fairly battered and needs some work doing so I've decided not to sell it as it probably needs too much doing to it. Cheers
  6. I second Allen's post - the place in Hillsborough precinct were brilliant. Took quick snaps of my small children, then cropped, zoomed etc etc with the correct programme as was necessary. Great service and accepted by the Post Office!
  7. I was in there yesterday morning and I couldn't agree more! Only 90 minutes after calling my midwife I was sat in epau, and lucky enough to find out my baby is doing ok. All the staff were friendly, welcoming and sensitive.
  8. Thank you :-) I'll have to have a check next year when I'm on leave.
  9. I was re-united with my debit card thanks to a lovely guy on here - never underestimate the power of Sheffield Forum!
  10. I lived on Challoner Green from June '05 - Oct '07. It was ok at first, but then the most horrendous neighbour from hell moved in. It was by far the worst time of my life. Pounding music at all hours, the smell of weed coming into our house, you could often hear her doing all manner of different blokes, etc etc I could go on. The best thing I ever did was get the hell off that estate.
  11. The course sounds great - like something I'd quite like to do when I'm on maternity leave again. What are the part time hours? Well done hun, hope you really enjoy it!
  12. Oh my, don't even get me started on this subject! Someone has complained to the council about my hedges and two other neighbours. Yes, they were slightly over our boundry, but not to an extent that the path was in any blocked. I was raging! Both myself and my husband work full time, we have three small children and I'm pregnant again. Time is severely lacking to get into the garden, but as others have said, the constant rain also hasn't helped! I'd understand if my hedge was blocking the path, I really would, but this was just utterly ridiculous, and I told the guy at the council as much too. Some people really have nothing better to do with their time than complain about other people.
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