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  1. Yes I can't tell the difference between my Commercial's to my Corporation's( I'm from Rotherham) had some good nights in both thanks for that
  2. We were out last night and talking about the nightlife in town in the late 70's early 80's. My wife was on about the nightclub, and pub opposide where Pond's Forge is, and can't remember the name of the pub or club, can anyone help??
  3. Fair enough I agree, but if the boot was on the other foot and Brown said something along the same lines against Clarkson don't you think there would be a stink up about it, because I think Clarkson can give it, but not take it.
  4. How can they keep Jeremy Clarkson on at the BBC,for his remarks about Gordon Brown(to me seemed like personal abuse), and accept his apology, whilst Carol Thatcher mention's Gollywog (out of earshot) get's taken off front line t.v, and before that the Brand and Ross saga where 1 leaves, and the other suspended for 3 month's. Goin back to Carol Thatcher all the news bullitins and some radio presenters were gleefully mentioning the word Gollywog, and they are still in a job??? By the way can't stand any of the above mentioned, and can't even believe i'm writing about Clarkson, and Thatcher but there you go Rant over:rant:
  5. Never taken mine off since being married nearly 16 years. Never thought about ie, it's just there.
  6. Just come past on the lower deck of the viaduct and people taking photoes of them. If they nipped up the A1 or M62 Eastbound there's quite afew cooling towers they can take photoes of:loopy:
  7. Just think. They are here today but gone tomorrow:)
  8. What would have been funnier is that I was in the local on Saturday, and was talking to a couple who were going to watch them get blown up this Sunday just gone, but me and my big mouth told them they were aweek early:). Saw them last night and they went down just to check to see if I was having them on:D
  9. Wouldn't it be funny if the viaduct went down with the towers:D. A good vantage point for those of us in Rotherham would be top of Alma Road, or stay in bed, and watch Calender/Look North or youtube:)
  10. I was out on a stag do at Roxy's and the OH was out with her mates looking to get the ugliest bloke. By all accounts I won easily, that was 21 years ago, and Whitney Houston was at no 1 with I want to dance with somebody(so she say's anyway)
  11. Can not believe it my back garden fence has just blown down:(
  12. Thanks for the concerns. Not long after I posted the second message on this thread, there was a knock on the door, a couple from the other end of the village are looking after him for our neighbours and he had got through their back gate. They thought they had lost him, but came here on the off chance that he was here and he was. The wife was non to pleased, as she started work at 6 and she go woken up:D
  13. Yer brought him in. Will phone the number in the morning thanks
  14. Just got back from the Local, and walking up close to our house there's a dog walking towards me. The thing is I know who's dog it is, it's the next doors son's who lives at the other end of town, but his mum and dad live next door to me. The big problem is They are all in the Dominican Republic, as their Son is getting married. What do Ido about the dog?
  15. The woman is 58 years old, so I don't think she will be going to the Olympics but to me everytime she goes out, she either expects to get attacked or hoping she gets attacked
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