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  1. The anti-vivsection group used to cut the cables on the telephone poles which fed the houses on Blackbrook Rd, also damage cars of residents just in case they belonged to Lab staff. Thanks me-and-pippo i remember now it was a University dept. Always a bad feel to the place.
  2. The building has long gone - I think it was somewhere near what is now The Pines estate Link to Google Maps However, I went to fix things there a number of times, and I recall a longish drive with a car park at the end. Funny I would have thought a lot more people would know of it. I guess there are people who were employed there reading this who choose not to disclose that which is ok, I am just curious. Does anyone have a streetmap from the late '70s??
  3. Way back in the early '80s, there used to be some kind of animal testing lab near Lodge Moor Hospital (down a drive off of Blackbrook Rd, possibly Lodge Moor Rd). I was just reading about BIBRA (an old animal testing company) and it reminded me, but I cannot find anything about it. Anyone got any photo's or knowledge? Exact location etc? I seem to remember there used to be vandalism in protest against the nature of the work but the local residents suffered - phone lines cut and cars damaged etc Or did I imagine all this????
  4. Many years ago there was a hardware/fishing tackle shop opposite the Elm Tree pub on the Manor. The owner was called Jack James. I'm sure he lived on Fretson Rd and drove a green Ford Pop He was a shrewd old fella - quite happy to sell you something more expensive than you wanted/needed. The upstairs tackle shop is still clear in my mind. My memories of him are from ~40yrs ago. But I once heard that his real name was John. (John/Jack seem to be interchangable). And I'm sure his shop had J. E. James on the front. Is he (or was he) then anything to do with J. E. James cycles?? The founder of that shop was a John James and it celebrated it's 50 years this year (from website).
  5. No no no, that was Gordon Brown. He's the reason for the cuts. The man should be prosecuted
  6. Just read this thread and it's a good job I did as I live near the Sherwood. I'm a dog lover and I've got a 17 year old beagle, which is registered disabled, wears a hat and smokes. I fancy a pint. Am I better of going to the Birley then?
  7. I've just found out a relative was born on Bassledene Rd (number eighteen) and I've seen reference in this thread to the same family name. It's a long shot because of the age but her name was Margaret Newton, born there in 1929. Anyone any long memories?
  8. No, the silence is deafening I emailed admin@stmarys-church.co.uk and posed the question and a link to this discussion
  9. Nearly there mate Remove the line ip route ATM0.1 and add the line ip route dialer0 Your problem comes from mask. This means that the other end will be in a quandary as to what to do with the return traffic as you are one in 16 million addresses in that 81.x.x.x range. The interface wont take that 32 bit mask, so I think you have been misled by the ISP. Try this Configure a loopback interface conf t int loop0 ip address remove the ip address form dialer0 then refer to the loopback int dialer0 no ip address ip unnumbered loop0 and see how you go with that If ok save the config! ;-0
  10. You've been browser hijacked. Did you fix it? http://www.download.com/Trend-Micro-HijackThis/3000-8022_4-10227353.html can help, but it's not for the feint hearted
  11. charley999 You've got the answer - very comprehensive too, only mod I'd suggest is try and co-locate your home pc and wifi router, then you can have a mix of (tidy) cable from home pc to router, and wifi to laptop and ps3 I have had many issues with dropouts and the USB wifi sticks. It's all that "usb port down low on the back where it's screened by earthed metal" shenannigins. Trust me you don't want to start getting metal sieves and pringles tubes out. The inbuilt laptop versions are much better, same with ps3/wii inbuilt adapters
  12. Try the live cd. No install, runs from the (booted) cd. Comes with a load of stuff free. Try and live with it rather than adapt it to your windows lifestyle. You still have access to your hard disk for documents etc via OpenOffice. Want to save docs?? install it on a cheap 2/4G USB and boot from that. Google for usb ubuntu persistence for info on how to retains settings etc between reboots. BTW this is much less resource hungry than using a virtual machine in windows.
  13. search for a portable apps gimp version and put it on a USB stick. No install! Hey it's almost like OSX! (for others) GIMP is GNU Image Manipulation Program and GIMPshop is an attempt to make it look and feel like Adobe Photoshop. Same features as GIMP just a different front end. GIMPshop is available directly from http://www.gimpshop.com/download.shtml GNU refers to the free software foundation http://www.fsf.org/
  14. Stuff et al, this may not be for you, but for anyone with a curiosity for a free domain name http://www.dyndns.com/services/dns/dyndns/ As long as your market isn't China ;-)
  15. Firefox without Java support?? You may mean JavaScript (absolutely no connection to Java) but Firefox offers full support for that too. You may have them turned off which will cause you problems. Give it another chance. I use it daily on Linux, OSX and XP - it's the business! regarding Chrome, the whizzo new kid on the block. If you are a firefox user or have it installed, look in the program directory (Program Files| Mozilla Firefox on XP or /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS in OSX for example) See a folder with a curious name there?? For those who don't have it, Firefox has a Chrome folder. I don't know what the relationship is, but don't tell me it's a coincidence. Anyone know?? (The contents are the Java classes for the environment)
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