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  1. It is probably going up in price because they are delivering to incorrect addresses...I've had one shoved through my letter box for the last month and do not subscribe. Somewhere there is an annoyed person not receiving their paper.
  2. Keep it nice people, this is not the place for slanging matches.
  3. We have a Virgin package (no comments please!), but never watch TV so we only have calls and 2Meg internet (pretty basic). That costs us less than £20 a month plus call charges. We are happy with it, but it sounds like you are more TV oriented. I've used both Sky and Virgin in the past, and to be honest if I was to choose the two I would go for Virgin for the very simply reason that it is cable and you TV viewing does not get interrupted by storms, wind, erection of scaffolding, some idiot deciding to knock your dish out of alignment for fun etc, nor do you need to pay £11 (or whatever it is) for a BT landline. I also believe (in my experience anyway) that Virgin is better for customer service and you would be supporting a company that employs Sheffielders through their centre in Attercliffe. You can also get a package to include a mobile phone if you want. When I moved and had Virgin activated for this house, the appointment was made quickly, the engineer arrived on time and was extremely efficient and tidy (what with drilling holes through the wall etc). No complaints from me. I'm sure there are people who can tell horror stories, but that is the same for any company.
  4. I would avoid Sports World in Crystal Peaks (aka sportsdirect.com)...had a bad experience with them...bought a bike, found it was faulty, they disagreed, would not accept return of bike, told me to ring the cycle company they use for help, they told me there was no problem with the bike, they would send me a user manual so I could sort a possible 'cable issue', but then sent me a manual for a kid's bicycle with stabilisers...still not sorted but can 't return the item.
  5. People kill big game for fun with guns too...I don't think it is so much the projectile used that is offensive, but rather the fact that this happens in the first place.
  6. Then by all accounts it should be fine by the time my father visits from Australia at the end of August, excellent!
  7. well, out of interest I had a browse around some UFO web sites for the UK...nothing is coming up for the morning of 21/7/09. I got these sightings for around that date: Manchester-21st July 2009 Holyport, Berkshire-20th July 2009 Thatcham, Berkshire-20th July, 2009 Ilkley LS29, West Yorkshire-21st July 2009 Lowestoft, Suffolk-20th July 2009 Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire-21st July 2009 Malvern, Worcestershire-22nd July 2009 Shrewsbury, Shropshire-20th July 2009 Levenshulme, Manchester-21st July 2009 Buxworth, Derbyshire-20th July 2009 Laindon, Basildon-20th July 2009 Burnley, Lancashire-20th July 2009 Cardiff-20th July 2009 Still would be curious as to what it was though. It wasn't the reflection of a couple of high altitude weather balloons or something was it? I thought I saw a UFO once zigging about and that seemed like a reasonable explanation to me.
  8. I grew up in Australia where they put fluoride in the water. I am now 34 and have never had a filling in my life. Personally I can't see anything wrong with it and it has no doubt saved me thousands in dental bills over the years.
  9. I'm hunting about for carpets too for a two bed, just stairs, landing and two mid sized bedrooms (12'x10' ish). Thanks to the OP for posting, this thread will be good for me too!
  10. Not entirely sure of the overall benefits of this, but it looks like something fun to do. I've signed up for it. We'll be turning our lights off. Now...what to do in the dark for an hour with just me and the OH sat about...hmmm
  11. Personally I'd rather be buried. Not sure whether that is because I grew up in Australia and there is plenty of space to bury people or whether it is because I used to be an archaeologist and have dug up 100's of skeletons. I like the idea of someone coming along in several hundred or thousands of years and finding me and trying to figure out something about me by the bones I leave behind. The idea of cremation does not appeal to me at all, although I understand why cremation is more practical over here, we're over populated as it is without adding corpses to the menu.
  12. Don't know any personally but I did a google search and came up with this for you. Sounds promising: Permanently Beautiful Based in S11 and do tattooed eyebrows.
  13. Can't say I've ever had a bad experience with the NHS since they look after my rheumatoid arthritis quite well. So I suppose I am biased in that respect. Although I was off work for 3 weeks in January with some horrid infection similar to the OP without the blood though. My GP said it was viral and I'd have to deal with it on my own, which was hard since the medication I'm on for RA suppresses my immune system. Then in the middle of the thing I had my regular RA blood tests. A month later (when I was well again) I went back to my specialist they mentioned that my blood results were all over the place and asked me if I had been ill. I said my GP told me I had a viral infection, "Oh no," said my specialist, "these results indicate a bacterial infection." So I suppose if my GP had ordered a blood test I'd have had some antibiotics and I'd not have struggled for as long as I did. But the presenting symptoms could have been either, guess they were trying to save money. Admittedly, the situation could have turned nasty. I agree it is probably not the best course of action to smoke if you have a serious chest infection. I smoke, but when I was really ill, a fag was the last thing on my mind. I must be a light smoker in comparison to the OP, a 25 gram pack lasts me two weeks or more. So perhaps I am not as dependant on cigs. But Digsy, I can't imagine you are doing yourself any favours by smoking when you are so ill. On the other hand, my aunt smokes 40 a day and she has terrible asthma, probably because she smokes 40 a day...there is no accounting for sense. I hope you get better soon Digsy and you get the treatment you need for all your ails.
  14. The OP said the damp had spread to the bedroom and the living room...I'm sure there's plenty of things in those two rooms that would add up to a fair bit of money. To the OP, if the situation is really that bad and your housing association hasn't resolved the problem you need to get up on your high horse a bit. Don't be content with inspectors etc. Speak to someone in charge (not a manager, a director), write a formal letter of complaint, get a letter from your doctor, seek advice through the CAB, completely get on their case. Threaten to go to The Star (this usually gets something done and the star is always willing to run stories on bad things about housing). In my experience the housing association will do anything to prevent bad press. Become a screamer, someone they 'need to go away' and the only way that will happen is if they sort it. I'm not sure the housing association will compensate you for loss of goods. They may ask you to claim on your house contents insurance (assuming you have this), but if the damage is caused by their negligence, then you probably have a case.
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