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  1. Hi thanks for reply. Had problems with colleges because I already have a degree, priority is given to school levers. I was thinking more online courses whilst doing experience. I just wondered what level the course has to be. Thanks again
  2. If I'm honest, I'm doing a variety of courses as I don't know what I want to do. I do my own acrylic nails which got me thinking about getting a qualification for my hobby. Obviously I don't want to do a pointless course so what type of course do i need in order to work as a nail technician should I wish to? Many thanks:)
  3. I'm doing that course also. Who you doing it with? X
  4. Hi just drove past a yorkie cross wondering street. Actually walked into road behind us. Hubby was driving and couldn't stop and no one behind seemed to stop. He/she looks like a large Yorkshire terrier cross. Didn't notice a collar. Near Hatfield house primary.
  5. You need something that makes you different to every other sandwhich shop as there are quite a few around that area. I agree completely about not scrimping on sauces. What would coax me in would be homemade deserts, homemade breads. Fresh ingredients. Maybe something for the health fanatics like a freshly made fruit salad mmmm. One of my big hates with traditional sarni shops is cheap tat sausages and bacon with lots of fat.
  6. Hi can anyone give me any details of dog obedience classes in the s6 area. How much do they cost and is there like a structure to the classes as we have no specific problem with our 18month old border terrier just want to increase bonding with him and my husband. Plus my husbands expectations of dog behaviour is very high. We don't agree with shouting, hitting etc. we reward with cuddles not treats. I've heard there is one in grenoside? His vacs are up to date. Just wondered when and how much and if any spaces really. Obviously we would look in on a class before we commited. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Excellent point rosa! I know exactly where your coming from.
  8. I also agree 100% I'm not sure what the thing is about wanting a white cat but she has mentioned it for years. That's for help.
  9. I'm interested to know, what little thing gave your wedding that little bit of something special. Obviously the whole thing is bound to have been amazing but what was the icing on the cake? (pardon the pun) So I had two things: first was my fathers unexpected speech but what gave my wedding that last touch was releasing butterflies. We weren't allowed confetti, fireworks, Chinese lanterns etc so we released butterflies and as that was our theme anyway it was beautiful. Funny things: I was also thinking it would be nice to share funny things or things that went wrong (because although as a bride to be you have nightmares of things going wrong, on the day they seem irrelevant). I was lucky to only have two minor incidents. The first was a waiter tripping and drenching my cake in wine (thankfully white) and the other one was when all the guests except one had left, the groom was laughing and joking about how everything went well then suddenly he tripped and dropped the top tier of our cake and the porcelain topper which I wanted to save. But never mind lol. Look forward to hearing your stories. :-)
  10. Oh my gosh, that is so sad. My grandad had to go home because he was severely unwell at my wedding and that was heartbreaking enough so I can't imagine how you are feeling.
  11. Hello fellow animal lovers. A friend of mine is after a pure white long haired kitten and just wondered if anyone can suggest anywhere for her to look. She is aware of the health problems associated with white cats like blind and deafness and risk of skin cancer, but she has waited a long time to be in a position where she can finally provide a loving home to the cat she desires. Many thanks
  12. Hello fellow writers, I'm wanting to publish a poem of mine and just wondered if anyone knows how or where to. Also someone suggested I enter it into a poem competition but all the ones I have seen have minimum lines like 35, my piece is 52 lines. Thanks
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