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  1. 12 hours ago, mrplodge said:

    People are disgusted at this because it is visible. I would just charge 1.95 to everyone and no one would be disgusted because unseen. I understand the comments but by the original posters logic it is better to secretly charge the higher price to everyone. To be offended is your choice, prefer to be secretly ripped off go there instead. This personally does not bother me but dual prices for beers in pubs does and i just avoid them simple.

    I remember nearly 50 years ago when I first started going in the pub, it was always a penny more in the lounge than it was in the tap room.

  2. Protesters would be better off protesting against things like the flight BA  are starting in December than targeting motorists who the majority of will simply be trying to get to work. 

    From December, British Airways will operate a daily round-trip between two Gulf destinations that are only 54 miles apart and connected by road. It would be quicker by road than flying the 54 miles surely.

    BA is extending its current Heathrow-Bahrain service to Dammam in Saudi Arabia. It is the nearest Saudi city to the island nation of Bahrain, to which it is linked by a causeway.

    British Airways currently has a dedicated limousine link meeting its flights at Bahrain and taking passengers to Dammam, scheduled to take 90 minutes. It is coded as BA ”flight” 8499.

    But starting on 1 December, a Boeing 777 with four classes will replace the road connection, flying only the same distance as London to Brighton.

    BA flight 125 will first depart from Heathrow and fly to Bahrain in about six hours. Many passengers will leave the aircraft, but Dammam-bound passengers will stay onboard the aircraft on the ground for an hour.

    The jet, weighing over 150 tons, will take a further 50 minutes to reach the Saudi city, including the aircraft’s taxiing time at either end. The average speed is 65mph, even though the 777’s cruising speed is 555mph. 

    Boeing’s published figures show that the aircraft will use at least 1.5 tons of fuel between take-off and a height of 10,000 feet.

    The aircraft is unlikely to fly any higher. When the fuel is burned, the CO2 emissions will be 5 tons.

  3. I started digging the beds in the greenhouse and clearing the roots out and noticed a lot of ants when I dug the soil. I remembered had seen them before and forgotten about them, they certainly didn't affect the tomato plants last year, anyone know what is the best way of getting rid of them? I don't want to be putting ant powder down near where the plants are going to be growing.

  4. On 15/03/2019 at 08:52, stillf said:

    It is all to do with the rankings of the countries respective leagues . These are based on how well the leagues representatives have performed in the Champions League so as Scotland don't get through to the later stages of the competition they are ranked lower down the list so have to qualify for the CL proper (if they fail they get into the Europa League instead). Discussions as to whether this is still a true Champions League or a glorified European Club Cup would probably need it's own topic

    Surely it could only ever be a true champions league if only Champions were in it, not teams that finished 4th.

  5. Can't understand some people, why can't they make their own coop and buy a couple of hens rather than steal someone else's coops and pets. Bet a decent coop could be made for £30 and then 4 ex battery hens £20. Not easy things to carry away a couple of chicken coops they must have had a largish van, is there any cctv near to you?

  6. Paul Scholes has left his role as Oldham Athletic manager after just 31 days, he wasn't sacked he has  just left the club.  He says "It unfortunately became clear that I would not be able to operate as I intended and was led to believe prior to taking on the role," 

    I bet there are a few managers that know that feeling well.

  7. Tonight’s line up against Bolton:












    Dawson, Fox, Pelupessy, Thorniley,  Matias, Boyd, Winnall


    Big Dave in for Boyd the only change.



  8. 12 minutes ago, euclid said:

    The water /sewerage bill used to be based...maybe still is.....on the rateable/rentable value of the property,on my previous home long ago i paid more water/sewerage rates than my neighbour because my home had a large extension/detached garage whereas his did not..very annoying i know but that's the way it went......my present home is Detached, Band E,two showers/toilets +1 bath and my last bill for the quarter (Jan 2019) was £75.00,works out around £300 a year give or take,three in the home,so plenty of water used for utilities,plus the washing machine never seems to stop......don't forget water is measured by cubic metre...1 cubic metre= 1,000 litres..(220 gallons),Yorkshire Water fitted meter's for free with an option to opt out..dunno if they still do but you would be probably better off with one.Hate to think what i would be paying on the old system.Look how many cubic metres you have used on your bill,it may give you some idea.

    I would imagine they still do but you can't change your mind after a certain time, think it is a year, after that the meter stays. I think I saved about £200 a year going over to a meter. I pay more for the waste water than what I use, my water is supplied by ST but my waste is dealt with by YW.

  9. 1 hour ago, alchresearch said:

    Some of the races were so uneventful last year that I welcomed highlights.


    I don't mind C4s coverage except for Steve Jones.


    The worst thing though is trying to avoid the result before the highlights are shown.  


    So, for the must-see races I'll rely on IPTV.

    Yes, remember the problems Terry and Bob had trying to avoid an England football score all those years ago.😁😁

  10. Not what you would call an ardent follower of F1 but must say I enjoy watching it, now though unless you have Sky you will only be able to watch the highlights on Ch4. Apart from the British GP which will be shown live on Ch4, to watch the other races it will cost £10pm (and that has been reduced from £18pm) for the privilege of watching on Sky F1. Lewis Hamilton says that it does not make sense to block or deter fans from watching F1. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/141914/hamilton-critical-of-reduced-free-tv-presence 

    The sport is full of advertising look at the cars, surely by stopping free to air broadcasting the number of viewers will drop and reduce the advertising revenue, personally I can't see the point in sitting watching highlights if you know the result of the race or what has happened in the race. 

  11. 7 hours ago, woodview said:

    Very sad a child has died.

    What was the government response when she asked for the baby to be sent to the uk without her for treatment?

    I read that she didn't want the child to come here alone, so can only assume from that she was hoping that she would be allowed to come back with the child. It is sad a child has died but that is not down to the Home Secretary or the British Government, it is down to the decisions she made.

  12. Seems like the Dutch and Spanish are realising that the UK leaving will impact them, maybe if those in charge of the EU thought about the impact Brexit  would have on other EU countries and how it would affect them, then maybe they would not have been so keen to clamp down on the UK. There is also a link on the page you sent Apelike saying France are worried as they are the biggest exporters of apples to the UK.  Christiane Lambert of the FNSEA union said French wine and spirits producers would be hit hardest, as their sector had a €1.3bn (£1.1bn; $1.5bn) annual surplus in trade with the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46944358 


  13. 5 hours ago, NERVY-OWL said:

    Depends when the ffp starts again. Does it start a fresh from end of this season so if we spend wisely it shouldn't matter too much? I'm not thinking too much about it as not sure how it works properly.


    This ffp does wind me up a bit though. I get why it's there but it give relegated sides an advantage. I don't know if it is or not but parachute payments shouldn't be counted towards the ffp to stop club's using it to sign players

    A prime example of spending big to go straight back up are Stoke City, according to https://www.transferleague.co.uk/stoke-city/english-football-teams/stoke-city-transfers  they have spent  £54,850,000  and received  £24,730,000 so they have actually spent £30,120,000, be interesting to see what they spend come the summer transfer window.


    Players Purchased Fee Players Sold Fee Net Total Points Position
    Season 18/19            
    Adam Federici Undisclosed Dominic Telford Free      
    Oghenekaro Etebo £6,350,000 Marc Muniesa £4,500,000      
    Tom Ince £10,000,000 Ramadan Sobhi £5,700,000      
    Sam Clucas £6,000,000 Xherdan Shaqiri £13,000,000      
    James McClean £5,000,000 Lee Grant £1,530,000      
    Benik Afobe £12,000,000          
    Ryan Woods £6,500,000 Ryan Sweeney Free      
    Danny Batth Free          
    Sam Vokes £9,000,000          
              PTS POS
    Season Total £54,850,000   £24,730,000 £30,120,000


    Season 2017/18 they spent Net total of £15,250,000 

    Season 2016/17 they spent Net total of £29,750,000

    I assume the last two seasons when they were in the PL do not count towards the FFP in the Championship.


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