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  1. Hi all, I'm getting married in late 2014, but I'm getting lost in looking for a DJ for the wedding. Any suggestions? I have a playlist in mind, I'm not sure if that is relevant? Thanks!
  2. Where abouts in Crookes did he go missing? Hope he turns up soon!
  3. Thanks for the help Lotti, I do think he just gets let out to walk himself as I only see him intermittently. I'll save the dog warden's number into my mobile and call when I see the dog next. Like I said, the dog could easily get hurt, I don't see how it is right to just let him out alone!
  4. Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great Bank Holiday Weekend! I'm just concerned about this black and gray/white dog that I regularly see on Carson Road (right next to where it joins Forres Road) in Crookes, S10. He's quite an old chap, a little timid but friendly. He doesn't have a collar so I'm unsure if he belongs to someone at a house nearby who just let him out (the gardens aren't properly gated or fenced off) - but drivers seem to just fly around the corners and he could easily get injured. Not to mention that it has been quite cold out lately... How do I go around making sure this poor guy stays safe? I've been tempted just to take him home!
  5. Ooh, silly me - forgot to mention that I'm interested in fabrics.
  6. Hello lovelies! I'm looking to get some affordable supplies either from in Sheffield or online - where do you guys get yours from? Thanks!
  7. Hey Zak - what kind of music videos did you have in mind? Would you want band performances or a narrative one?
  8. Hey Lewis - I'm a final year student at Hallam Uni doing Film Studies. I'm hoping to get a place on MA Film Production, but to do so, I need a showreel! Basically, I'm looking to write/edit/make films, and I'm struggling to find like-minded people too. Shooting People online looks great!
  9. I'm after two small tattoos in 8bit style, but I have no idea about who does great tattoos in Sheffield! Can anyone help me find the right tattooist in Sheffield?
  10. Hey, sorry for the late reply! My situation has changed since I last posted here - instead of a placement, I'm looking into making short films on the side of finishing my Batchelors (and then Masters) degree in Film. I'll check out your website, thanks for the heads up
  11. Thank you! Hope you both have a great time
  12. I am really looking forward to Pride this year - I'm still gutted about missing it last year! Quick question though - How do I get to Pride? I'm looking to get a bus from the city centre (outside River Island), what number do I get and where the hell do I get off?! Cheers!!
  13. Hey guys! I'm looking for a local film company which I can undertake a work placement for next academic year. I've looked at all the companies listen on the Workstation and Electric Works' websites, and I wondered if you knew of any others I could look into? Also, I'm looking for any film makers/independent productions I could volunteer for - any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. I'm living in Leadmill Point at the minute and I love it! There are two main gates before you can even get into your block, it's all very safe. The area (city centre) is fantastic, and there is CCTV and security/staff on the premises 24/7. I'm applying for Archways (again, City Centre) next year, and I'd say the same thing about that too - fantastic. I'd recommend looking around on an open day... I'm giving tours, so you never know, might see you there! EDIT: Oh yeah, it's less than five mins from the Uni, less than 10 mins from the City Centre, ensuite rooms and the staff are lovely.
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