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  1. mansfield desert is open as a legal p&p site it has been for last few weeks every saterday & sunday
  2. ive been up there today to give them a go as i normaly wash mine every 6 months as i can't be arsed to wash it they did a exelent job at the new car wash today i recomemd them
  3. i presume you have had this done by now but if not send me a pm
  4. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. i would not waste your time with south yorkshire police they are not interested in catching criminals these days there a total waiste of tax payers money
  6. at last its back its much better this way
  7. one in chesterfield open until 5:30 & by the way abby lane close's at dinner time
  8. thanks for all the replys the reason i left it until today as i work during the week & i checked opening times of post offices & it says on the website that woodhouse is open until 5:30 so thats where i went & found out it closed at 12:30 so just been on phone to post office enquirys & complained.
  9. just been to tax my car but post office was closed does anyone know where i could tax my car today
  10. thanks fo the offer but its just not good enough.:hihi:
  11. winning ticket wanted for either wednesday or saterday must have at least 5 numbers & bonus & must be free & be able to deliver its going to a good home & the cash will be well looked after. any offers :hihi:
  12. i realy dont think the theives of today are too bothered about camera's they just wear hoody's & balaclarvers they only understand one thing thats a big bat smacking them very hard & that is exactly what they are going to get if i catch them. i no i will prob be in trouble myself for that but what else is there to do if you can't deffend your own propety there is something wrong & you might as well give them the keys to you house & say help yourself.
  13. some great idea's being suggested but alligators & things like that are a bit over my buget
  14. no i have no power to the shed if i did it would be the first thing i would do.
  15. they just been back again & i very nearly caught them they drive a red honda civic m or n reg looked lowered & load exhaust if anyone no's of a car like this let me no & i will go check it out. cheers.
  16. of coarse the shed is locked but its a wooden shed so only so much you can do to try to stop them. anyone got any spare razor wire
  17. i will do more than injure them if i catch them they defo wont come back again.
  18. if i could i would love to do that to teach them a lesson.
  19. last night my shed was broken into for the 5th time this time they took my chainsaw & 2 cans with petrol in. im getting sick of it now i need to do something very drastic to stop them next time they come. any idea's
  20. well if there is too many cars on the road why dont you take yours off. sounds like you have too much cash if you can afford to pay £5 a litre. dont see why people who only earn a standard wage should suffer while people who earn silly amounts drive around in big cars.
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