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  1. mansfield desert is open as a legal p&p site it has been for last few weeks every saterday & sunday
  2. ive been up there today to give them a go as i normaly wash mine every 6 months as i can't be arsed to wash it they did a exelent job at the new car wash today i recomemd them
  3. i presume you have had this done by now but if not send me a pm
  4. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. i would not waste your time with south yorkshire police they are not interested in catching criminals these days there a total waiste of tax payers money
  6. at last its back its much better this way
  7. one in chesterfield open until 5:30 & by the way abby lane close's at dinner time
  8. thanks for all the replys the reason i left it until today as i work during the week & i checked opening times of post offices & it says on the website that woodhouse is open until 5:30 so thats where i went & found out it closed at 12:30 so just been on phone to post office enquirys & complained.
  9. just been to tax my car but post office was closed does anyone know where i could tax my car today
  10. thanks fo the offer but its just not good enough.:hihi:
  11. winning ticket wanted for either wednesday or saterday must have at least 5 numbers & bonus & must be free & be able to deliver its going to a good home & the cash will be well looked after. any offers :hihi:
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