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  1. contact me asap please about item for sale {ie baby changeing unit}thanks
  2. ok thanks will do that cos ive just had another call from another company
  3. not sure wot we can do about them either, i ignore the phone most of the time i feel like unpluging the phone but im pregnant (due in 2 days) so its not the best idea just incase i need it,
  4. i have lived in my house now for about 6 months wen i moved in i started recieving calls from debt companies saying they can help me its a strange call cos u have to press 2 to speak to someone or 9 to opt (which i do everyday) out of such call, i get at least 2 calls like this everyday i always press 9 thinking they wont pester me anymore but yet the next day they ring again. ivbe just had another call so i pressed 2 n told them were to go n they hung up but they also withhold there number, wot can i do? im fed up of them!
  5. that cud have been fatal poor child, i also feel for people who cant have kids wen people like her dont give a crap. hope the lil girl is ok
  6. i never said she had swine flu or that i suspected swine flu, i said it has been said to be at her school, n that she had woken up with cold, sore throat n a temp this morning. cos she hasnt been in contact wiv anyone we no has swine flu they dont seem to care.
  7. they wont c her until monday now they said if she gets worst over weekend go to walkin centre
  8. glad u put it on actually, im not worried about it cos i think well will all get it in one way or another i just worry how bad we will get it. but this mornin my daughter woke up wiv cold sore throat n temp so she cant go to school anyway if i hear anything else will put it on here.
  9. but still think i will ring school in mornin c wot they say! ill post on here wen ive rang them
  10. my daughter goes there i havent heard anything but will be keepin my ears open!
  11. u r mostly from firth park arnt u? my cousin no's some of u n loves ya music so i better pass this on or she'll kick my head in lol gud luck anyways
  12. i use 101 n never have any problems no matter how little the problem they take details n try to sort it
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