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  1. Just read a thread on google news ,local news section, about the track that runs from Neepsend lane through to Wardsend Cemetary, there area a group of people cleaning it up getting rid of rubbish etc, but nothing waas said about the so called travellers that are ensconced on a BURRIAL Ground further up this road called WARDSEND CEMETARY, this is the last resting place for a lot of Sheffielders killed in the great flood.These people have made nothing but a toilet of this lovely walk along the river Don i URGE all people who are interested in cleaning this road up to go and see what a complerte s------- these people have made of it, its about time Sheffield Council dragged them off this beautiful walk and put it back to what it was, a nice peaceful plce to be, it is also quite intimidating to walk through it, if you do walk there be careful.
  2. I see that the road" RIPPER UPPERS" have struck again ,this time outside and opposite the side entrance to sheffield moor market an absolute utter disgrace, what do visitors to Sheffield think? I know what i think but cant print it, these people should be fined a great deal of money and made to put it right A.S.A.P but knowing this council i doubt it will get done any time soon.This council know who they are and should be on ther backs till its done, so come on Sheffield Council get off your nice comfy chair and do something about it,Oh and dont blame Corona Virus.Iam sick and tired of walking around this town and finding holes dug in pavement and not being properly reinstated.
  3. Completely agree with a topic i read on here "Another nail in the city centres coffin"Meadowhall must be rubbing there hands together,"dont bother with Sheffield cant park anywhere lets go to MEADOW HALL Free parking and better shops more diversity"Where does Sheffield city council get its ideas from,why dont they have the <removed> to put signs up either end of Sheffield saying "Sheffield City Centre Closed. Why do they have to close Pinstone St. anyway, just put a cycle lane in as for pavements how wide does a pavement have to be,one other thing that was mentioned social distancing, are we going to social distance forever? if these measures are going to be temporary all well and good, but you cant close streets off willy nilly, Sheffield is bad enough to navigate as it is, i want people to come into the City Centre not diverted to Meadow Hall, a main route out of the city centre and the council want to close it UTTER MADNESS ps suppose planner 1 will put his sixpenny worth in when he reads this.
  4. Exact location of AA Gun site on Warminster Road during W11 anyone know ?
  5. Hello hicksy3 not spouting off old son mearly replying to a thread made by onewheel dave also can you tell me if its okay to cycle on pavements or not,is it illegal or not.and by the way i cycle as well.
  6. Onewheeldave why dont you read the quotes of derbyshire police they dont say anything about riding on the pavement.and i agree they have every right to be on the ROAD not on the PAVEMENT and ignoring the rules of the road one more thing do cyclists have to be insured if not who pays for the damage if caused by a cyclist, if caused by a car i know who pays then.
  7. To all cyclists who think they can ride on footways(pavements)i suggest they look at section72 1832 highways act they might get a shock
  8. Beware of sneaky speed camera when right turning out of Morrisons on Chesterfield rd. 200yds. up on left just near Davyashmore rd round the corner, cant see from main rd so beware.this a 30 limit.i thought snakes were supposed to be sneaky
  9. The trouble with Woodseats Traffic as i see it, it stems from the Bridge at Heeley bottom ever since they narrowed it and took the "two lanes in to town inthe morning" between 8 and 9-30 am then "two lanes back out 4-30 to 6-30" out. It has a kock on effect all the way to Woodseats.Put these lanes back get rid of some of the crossings(how can you have a crossing every 100yds in a quarter of a mile) take the shelterd parking bays out between 8 and 9-30am and 4-30 and 6-30 this lets traffic flow,it worked well before planner 1 and friends got there hands on it.
  10. Dont buy milk after six get mine from milk man keeps a man in work
  11. and i am NOT predjudiced either i live by the laws of this COUNTRY.
  12. If you pick and choose what days you open where would that leave us .
  13. If you come to Britain to live YOU should abide by British law and all that goes with it no exceptions.If you dont like what we have to offer go home.
  14. If you come to Britain to live YOU should abide by British law and all that goes whith it no exceptions.
  15. try your deisel particulate filter very expensive to replace deisels are no good for short journeys due to above filter.
  16. This thread has been mentioned before but.This council wants people to shop in Sheffield so,why not allow free parking in the City Centre Saturdays only,where else do they have freeparking you guessed it ,Meadow Hall come on Sheffield Council open your eyes.
  17. Why dont they bring back the old platform ticket then,anyone who needs to go on the platform can do, those whith no ticket pass through the station.just put the ticket inspectors on entrances to platforms,simples.
  18. May be some drivers should read there highway code ,why dont they look at the signs on the side of the road wich tell them what time it's a bus lane . instead they see the big white line and think MY GOD IT,S A BUS LANE.They then move over to centre of road cutting the road in half ,which means less road more queuing traffic, come on you drivers keep your EYES OPEN.
  19. If your thinking of car ins,dont go to churchill with trouble Ive had just recently wouldnt touch em with a barge pole.It seems when it gets tough churchill get going and leave you to it,anyone else had trouble with them?
  20. Anne white----- do you remember these roughnecks
  21. Hello mary poppins how do get a photo on here?
  22. Hello ANNE White=== got a photo to show you will try to get it on here see if you know anybody? ps Im Malc Hs bigger brother. see you soon.
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